This has been a week of beautiful winter weather. Very cold, frosty some mornings but bright sunshine all day and pretty light winds. It has been a pleasure to walk on the beach with the dog. Have you ever noticed how much happier people are when its sunny. They are more cheerful and stop to talk more readily.

It has been a funny week for news this week. Good and bad.

Hero of the week was RSPCA inspector Mike Reid who died trying to save injured birds from rough seas off the Cornish coast. A brave man who thought more of the birds than his own safety. RIP

Idiot of the week was a woman also on the Cornish coast at Newquay who was taking photos of huge waves hitting the quayside. She was hit by one off the said waves and was washed into the sea. She was saved by the RNLI who had to risk their lives. She only had a broken arm. Those of us who live on the coast know the power of the sea. But it obvious these huge waves are dangerous!

A ten foot wide house in East Dulwich, London sold for 800K this week. You could buy a FOURTEEN bedroom country house hotel for the same price in the north of Scotland. I know what I would rather have.

It has taken 100 years but Einstein has been proved right about gravitational waves.Scientists have proved the existance of black holes. But the thing that amazed me the most is that they can now measure the distance to somewhere like the sun to the nearest atom. That is to the nearest fraction of a millimetre . There 25 millimetres to the inch. That is just scary.

Humour. Pee Cola is a popular drink in Ghana and in China, Burger King sells PooPoo Smoothies.

The world’s largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton is called Sue. That’s a coincidence so was my ex-wife!

Britain’s largest pig is called Boris. He contains enough pork to make 6,000 sausages.

Finally on the 28th June 2009 Stephen Hawkins hosted a party for time travellers from the future.Surprisingly nobody turned up!

A NHS trust Chairman this week was sacked for calling a female NHS manager a whore after she rejected his sexual advances.He was suspended on full pay pending an investigation. He was found guilty but had received £165,000. The lady was awarded £832,000 damages. The whole case cost the rate payer (us) £1.5 million . What a joke!

Well I called Donald Trump a joke last week well he clearly isn’t this week. And Hilary Clinton was absolutely thrashed. Are they flash in the pan results or is this the way the votes are going to go. Interesting times.

Some good news this week was that scientists are now saying life expectancy for men is now 84. So there is loads of life left in the old dog!  But my area of England the North-East has the least!

I refuse to say anything about Jeremy Hunt, the Health Minister. Rhyming slang will surfice.

Lastly I will leave you with a Geordie food called “singing hinnies”, a type of fruit griddle cakes.

Poem this week is thought-provoking”                                       BLURRING AT THE EDGES


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