Fiesta because I’m off to Valencia this morning at the crack of dawn. Valencia is a beautiful city , have been before. One of the friends I’m going with lived in Spain for a year and had a season ticket with one of the local football teams, Valente. We are going to see them play a team from Madrid , Getafe. Considering Valente are bottom of the league we haven’t got a great deal of hope that they’ll win. But considering my team Newcastle being 3rd bottom in the Premiership I’m used to supporting the losing side. I’ve always claimed losing makes you a better person but that would make me a saint by now.

UK are doing very well in the music field at the moment. we have half of the most popular acts in the world. Adele, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Cold play and Sam Smith. Adele in particular is a worldwide success. Her single Hullo topped the charts in 30 countries and her album has sold 15 million copies since November.

The north -east of England has the highest unemployment figures in England. So an extra £300 million distributed to English local authorities  is distributed as follows:- 83% to conservative authorities and the rest to others. Quite a lot to outer London conservative authorities. And to the North East , supposed to be part of the Northern powerhouse. Nil pounds. Quelle surprise!

In one of the mainstream English papers this week Piers Morgan interviewed Donald Trump. Thats as near as you ever get to a reflection in a mirror. Both of the them are egotistical, arrogant and believe themselves to be really handsome individuals. Might just give that article a miss.

A new play is opening in Manchester portraying Jesus as transgender who calls his father (God) mummy. Now I’m not religious but is this not going a bit too far. Or is it just me being old- fashioned and out of touch?

Stephen Fry called a lady who won an award at the Baftas this week a “bag-lady” because of the way she was dressed. He was heavily criticized on twitter and replied with an obscenity laced reply justifying his actions. He has now left twitter (for the 3rd time by the way) No big miss! But the trouble is people like him need to be adored by the public so unfortunately he will be back soon.

Humour. In Greece between 1920 and 1983 leprosy was grounds for divorce. That was a bit harsh!

The oldest person in the world dies, on average, every 8 months. They must get sick of being resusitated.

Clams can live for more than 400 years. Not on my beach they don’t.

It is illegal in Vancouver to build a new house with door knobs.

Alan Johnson , a £60k a week Sunderland footballer was sacked for indecent behaviour with a 15 year old. Apparently he forgot his live-in partner had given birth to his baby a couple of weeks before. He should go to prison for arrogance if nothing else.

Poem is attached. Adios amigos.                                                               KNOWLEDGE




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