Fondly I suppose because I like the feeling every Friday of writing my blog. I write poetry and short stories and there is a constraint in that you need to use the right words, use proper pronunciation and be precise. To me my blog is like a conversation. You say what you feel. If wrong words come out , they come out , you don’t apologise all the time and say you meant something else. When I type it stays the same, I don’t check my spelling or pronunciation. Once the words are on the page they stay there. I have no control of who reads my thoughts. If you like them you come back. If you don’t like I will probably never see you again. I really don’t mind as I’m only writing for myself. Self-indulgent I suppose but thats what blogs are for. Anyway enough of that crap down to business.

This country is endeavouring to tear itself apart over to leave Europe or not. Either side is coming up with facts and figures which are subsequently disputed by the other side. But nobody knows the truth they are just guessing!

This country has never been very good teaching foreign languages. Over 50 ago when I went to school languages were commenced at 11. It is still the same now. We should be teaching them at 5/6 years old before children become self-conscious. There is ans assumption in this country that everyone should be able to speak english.

Being in Europe to me is not just language. it is financial , cultural, travelling thro. open borders., arts and security. We are better together. But there are a large number of people in the UK who think we are better off on our own. To me the question on the referendum paper should be . If you don’t like foreigners especially the ones that want to live here vote no. Thats the real nitty-gritty. A lot of Brits think the rest of the world should be beholding to us because of what we did in the past centuries ago!!!!!!

HUMOUR Napoleon, Mussolini and Hitler were all scared of cats. I’ve just had a thought, what about Putin, Assad of Syria, The ISIS mob and him from North Korea.

In fact what about Donald Trump. Does he like cats.

Dublin is home to Ireland’s National Leprechaun Museum. I didn’t think they were real!

88% of women routinely wear shoes that are too small for their feet.

In 1967, Picoaza,Ecuador elected a brand of foot deodorant as the towns major. Certainly a lot more useful than the Major of North Tyneside!!!!!

Apparently we check our phones 253 times a day. I don’t probably because I lost it in Spain last week-end!

A pastor , 73 has just been arrested this week for spanking naked women to cast out evil spirits. I tried that once but it didn’t work!

In dec 2014 we had 45, 325k on the electoral list and 44,722k in dec 2015 a reduction of 600k and they don’t know why. This government will do anything to reduce immigration figures.

Poetry, hopefully a cheerful little number       JOURNEY



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