Fraudulently because it is Sunday not Friday. Have been away in the Lake District so I’m just catching up on correspondence. The weather here is spring-like so ok it is still early in the year but the winter may be almost over. We can still have snow or icy mornings but the sun has now sufficient power to warm things up. The thing I find more positive than the improving weather is that we have more daylight. I can now walk my dog on the fields near me both in the morning and evening as it is now light enough. I find I’m more effected by lack of daylight than bad weather in the winter.  Extended darkness is just so depressing.

Interesting happenings this week. A woman killed her husband then kept him under her bed for 18 years. He wasn’t found until she died. How gruesome is that!

An 82 year old woman knocked down and killed a pedestrian on her way for an eye test.

A 29year old Ford Capri was sold for £54,000 this week. It had done less than a 1000 miles in that time.

The average couples bicker in the bedroom 167 times in a year. The main reasons are who has the greater share of the duvet, snoring and being too hot or cold. No mention of headaches or sex then? That’s a surprise.

Well Donald Trump keep marches on, is there no stopping him. He must now be a certainty for the Republican nomination. But can Hilary Clinton stop him reaching the White House. If not I’m just interested to see how him and Putin will get on. Possibly arm wrestling to the death!

So Turkey is now in charge of Europe@s future. 80 million Turks will be able to move freely thro Europe when they are allowed to join the EEC. The regime have just closed the largest newspaper down as they oppose the government. Their application was rejected 10 years ago for lack of freedom of speech. But we now want to pay them to handle the flow of immigrants so all is forgiven. Hypocrites!!!!!!!

Humour. In 2006, the most popular name for cows in Switzerland was Fiona. I know several Fionas and they won’t be pleased!!! A cow with a name will produce 450 more pints of milk a year than one without a name.

The Spanish for “when pigs fly” is “when hens piss”

German mothers-to-be have “roast dinners” not “buns in the oven”.

Sad news that George Martin the music producer for the Beatles and many other pop stars died this week. The Beatles were geniuses in their own right but he actually enhanced their music. He wasn’t even a pop fan, he preferred classical, jazz, swing but he blended all his musical knowledge with their writing abilities and produced music that will be the classical music of the future. He also adapted Elton Johns “Candle in the Wind” for Princess Diana’s funeral which is the world’s best ever selling record.

Also Keith Emerson of Nice and Emerson, Lakes and Palmer died this week. Another great musician.

Poem attached as usual.LOOKING TO THE FUTURE


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