Another week of terrible atrocities, this time in Brussels. You start to ask yourself, is there anywhere safe. I’m of the belief that whatever happens we try to carry out our normal lives. In other words we don’t stop travelling to places like Paris and Brussels. We show solidarity with the people effected. In the Brussels bombings 40 nationalities were either killed or injured. So all these countries should feel revution towards these animals( they are certainly not human) They deliberately place bombs in airports and stations to hurt and kill as many people as possible. These bombs were full of nails and bolts to not just kill but maim as many as possible. Bombs do not discriminate. They kill and injure children, women and all religions including Islam which I presume the bombers were. So they are quite happy to kill their own. I know people who say we should ban immigration into Europe because of this. Idiots! Do they not realise these bombers in Paris or Brussels are French and Belgian nationals!!!! So it is a case of the enemy within. I certainly don’t claim to know what the answer is but do believe it all starts in the Arab countries. The Israel- Palestine problem, the internal feud withi the Islamic faiths of Shi’as and the Sunnis. The whole Arab area is in chaos. The civil war in Syria has resulted in 500,000 dead and several million refugees. The Russians really helped by just bombing anything that moved. But the West are petrified of Putin. He invaded the Crimea and  occupied parts of the Ukraine then gets involved supporting Assad in Syria. And the West sit on their hands. I fact it it is worse than that.The UK supply weapons and planes to Saudi Arabia who use them against rebels in Yemen.Unfortunately they are not bothered who they kill as thousands of civilians were caught in the middle.Saudi Arabia has an appalling record of human rights. Floggings , beheadings are commonplace. Being gay is illegal and women are not even 2nd class citizens.

But what do all these Arabs countries have? Yes that’s right oil. Hypocrisy at it’s best( or worst)

A British Professional footballer this week , Adam Johnson was sent to prison for 6 years for a relationship with a 15 year old girl.He was guilty of the offences he was s charged with but I think he should also have been charged with arrogance. He was earning £60,000 a week and like a lot of footballers thought he was above the law and could buy his way out of it. I hope he rots away in prison! Somone else I hope rots away was Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic who got 40 years for crimes against humanity. Now he will rot away as he is 70 now! Excellent.

We need some humour.  In 1922 Ernest Hemingway’s wife lost his entire life’s work by leaving it on a train. I bet she got a row when she got home!!!!!!

In 1989 a Russian psychic was run over and killed while attempting to prove he could stop a train using the power of his mind. He never lived it down!!!!!

ladybirds can fly as fast as a horse can run. So the next time I see a ladybird entered in the 3-15 at Kempton Park I will certainly back it.

It has been proved this week that blondes are actually smarter than woman with other other hair colours. But how do you know if they are a real blonde?

Poem attached this week is hopefully humorous.                                             THAT’S LIFE

While I remember Johan Cruyff died this week. He was one of the best footballers I have ever seen. Rest in Peace



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