Yes, I’ve managed to get to Friday despite feeling under the weather. Nothing earth-shattering just persistent sore throat, cough, chesty, achey- painy. But so have most of my family and friends. You tell them you’re not feeling that good and they reply- Oh, yes I have that (or had that) It lasts several weeks. Thanks for that!!!!!

On the beach front weather is not really spring like , cold , heavy showers but some sun shine. Pretty standard North-East weather, a bit of everything. But very low tides which allows Bruce and I to walk on the rocks.

This Panama papers scandal is a bit strange really . I think everybody knew that the richer you are the less tax you pay. You can afford to pay for the best financial advice which involves off-shore a/c’s. Politicians , despots, celebrities, companies they are all at it. They argue it is not illegal. It is avoidance not evasion. But the fact is , it is morally wrong! Ordinary workers pay their dues and get on with life. The rich get richer at their expense. but let’s face it that’s the way it always has been and will continue to be so. Those at the top look out for each other at the end of the day. They are hypocrites.

I don’t believe the Palestinians get a fair deal in life. There now seems to be a lobby in this country if you are of that opinion you are anti-semetic. Well I’m not but the western world seems to favour Israel somewhat. It can’t be because they are are so influential in the banking and financial sector surely!

So Vernon Kay is sexting a glamour model again after being caught out by his wife before. He hasn’t met her so he believes he hasn’t done anything wrong. If he hadn’t been caught out he would certainly have met her AND had sex with her. If Tessa Daly thinks anything different she is mad. He is being unfaithful!!!!!

A lady was so desperate to have a child when a sperm donor said he would only donate with sexual contact she agreed. So this man had sex and got paid for it. Nice work if you can get it.

What about the 55 year old woman who has had triplets by her 40 year old partner. They paid £25 k for IVF treatment but because of her age there were complications and she neede several weeks treatment on the NHS. I don’t see why the tax payer should suffer. Having a baby at that age is unnatural!!!!

Humour. New research shows that, for luxury brands, the ruder the sales staff the higher the sales.

Termites like the smell of biro ink!

In 2012 the New Zealand government took legal action against a couple calling their child Anal.

In Singapore it is illegal to use a public toilet and not flush it.

The UK spent £12.2 billion last year on overseas aid and even managed to overspend £172 million. Now I believe in helping other countries less well off. But we don’t actually know where the money goes to. We give it to governments and half the time it goes into the politicians pockets. We should be carrying out projects ourselves to help rather just handing over cash!

Poem this week is just a peice of nonsense!                      SURREALITY




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