At last the weather has changed and my shorts are out on the beach. It will be flip-flops soon. Yes, the snow and frost and north winds have been replaced by blue skies and sunshine. Happy days are here again.

Great news this week for football fans. Leicester City proved the English Premiership can be won without spending huge fees for players and without paying huge salaries.Well done but all I need is for my team Newcastle not to be relegated and for a proper manager like Rafa Benitez stay and sort the club out.

Congratulations Donald Trump but all I can say is “God bless America” and Hilary Trump. It’s down to her to save the world as we know it!!!!!

What a prat Jeremy Hunt , the Health Minister is. He was caught this week messing with his mobile phone while in the chamber of the House. He was laughing like a little boy who has been caught with his hand in the sweetie jar. It would be better for all of us if he just sorted the junior doctor’s strike out once and for all!

Have you seen the new device scientists have invented. It reads text for blind people and converts the text into the spoken word. In essence blind people will be able to read books, newspapers menus and e-mails. How incredible is that.

A 1933 penny has been sold this week for £72,000. Is that what the expression, “look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves comes from?

This week a swimmer in the European Championships was disqualified for not covering up a tattoo of the Olympic rings. You are not allowed “body advertising” How does that effect the result then. Absolute nonsense!

A diamond the size or a tennis ball was discovered in Botswana last year. It is worth £50 million. That is going to make some diamond ring!

HUMOUR There are more statues of lions in the world than there are real lions and wait for it there are more plastic flamingos in the USA than real ones. Well it’s just a lot cheaper and safer that way.

The biggest dam built by beavers is twice as long as the Hoover dam. They don’t charge nearly as much either.

The Burmese sneezing monkey sneezes uncontrollably whenever it rains. I wonder if we could get them to forecast the weather.

Cold play singer Chris Martin is dating Annabelle Wallis who plays Tommy Shelby’s new wife in Peaky Blinders new tv series. Be careful Chris him and his mates are seriously dangerous.

Who does this jumped up Culture Minister, John Whittingdale think he is? He stated ” it may be the BBC may cease to exist, which is a tempting thought”. So he is unbiased then! He should remember the Culture Minister is a job for young promising politicians on their way up or for older politicians on their way down. How old is he? Nearly 57.

Poem attached, tribute to Bruce my dog. See below           THE LABRADORbruce 52

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