I used to think when I was working (now nearly five years ago) Friday was a sanctuary to be reached. Now it doesn’t make a great deal of difference as every day is pretty much the same. Except I suppose my beach is much busier on Saturdays and Sundays. But that only depends on the weather. I walk everyday no matter sun, rain, snow, gale, frost even if there was a plague of locusts Bruce and i would be there. Others only walk when it is fine weather. Generally speaking they are owners of handbag breeds that dont like getting wet in the sea or from rain. So you might think I’m perverse but I prefer good weather during the week and not so good at weekends. Sorry!!!

I also remember when I was going through a very pessimistic spell in my life that I didnt like Fridays because they were only 2days before Mondays when I had to go back to work. Ok I know it was strange but I also had a friend that hated getting up for work so he used to shave and have his breakfast before he went to bed to save him time in the mornings. He reckoned he could get up and leave the house 7 minutes later.

Good news this week old age doesn’t begin until you are 76! So I have another few years left before then.

Apparently there is a global market of £20 billion for probiotic drinks. Scientists have found no evidence whatsoever they make any difference to your health. I have never had one primarily because I didnt trust the name. Just think of the money I have saved. I also have never trusted bottled water. I still believe the bottles are just filled from the tap! Bottled water is now more expensive than petrol. Thats silly!!

So the UK government has managed to get the immigration figures wrong by about 200,000. Well roughly that. How when you are an island you dont know who comes and goes defies logic. So the fact that immigration is probably the single most important factor whether we stay in Europe or not is shrouded in mystery because no one knows what the true figures are. What a shambles!!!!!

HUMOUR Half of all human beings have mites living in their eyelashes.

A whole orange will float on water but a peeled one will sink.

Emperor penguins can dive deeper than the height of the Empire State Building. The trouble is we would have to flood New York to prove it.

Elvis was naturally blonde. Didn’t know that.

This actually isnt meant as humour but did you see a cat was in a washing machine for 10 minutes at 40 degrees. Fortunately it didn’t reach the spin drying stage.

The wages for MP’s staff has risen rapidly recently. Oh, what a surprise most of them are MP’s relatives.

Even our PM has admitted we give money to corrupt nations like Nigeria £250million and Afghanistan £185illion. So as long as we know about  its OK is it ?

Sombre Poem this week I’m afraid            DEATH

PS I not going to mention the fact that my football team Newcastle Utd were relegated this week!

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