Whats frightening about it. Well congratulations Donald Trump and commiserations USA. Fingers crossed Hilary, at least you’re halfway sensible.

The other frightening thing is the ineptitude of our Prime Minister David Cameron. He is coming up with more and more bizarre reasons to stay in Europe. He nearly lost the Scottish Independence vote until Gordon Brown saved him at the last minute. He then claimed he had won a better deal for the UK by renegotiating our terms. Everyone knows he won very little. And now he is just plucking figures from midday that nobody believes. The truth is he should have been a used car salesmen. Then he could have used his patter to convince the gullible buyer with his pure smarm.. He is aided by his glamorous assistant George Osborne. The opposition, who are for leaving Europe are our very own Donald Trump, Boris Johnson. The only difference between the two is that Boris is funny, in fact a bit of a clown. Unfortunately this is not a characteristic you want in a person who is desperate to be our next P.M.  Throw in the leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn who is a nice bloke but has no leadership qualities whatsoever and Alex Salmond who wants to be the first President of Scotland. And the USA thinks it has problems!!!!!!!!

Is it me just getting old or is Kim Kardashian really attractive or fashionable? I cant see it. What is she actually good at? I have a very connection with her in that I stayed in the same hotel as her husband, Kanye West the week after he was there. It was on  the Isle of Skye. Dont know what he was doing there! Ok I am getting old I do think Helen Mirren is certainly attractive even though she is 70.

Humour  Traffic lights were introduced 18 years before the dar was invented. Why?

Polo mints release light when you snap them in the dark.

The closer a woman is to the equator the more likely she is to have a girl baby!

The least common PIN number is 8068. But dont all change to it or it wont be.

Good news for Newcastle United fans at last. Our manager Rafa Benitez has decided to stay even though we were relegated. At least we now have hope that the team can improve in the future. Considering we have not won a domestic trophy for 61 years and any trophy for 47 years success is well overdue!

This has also been a bad week for the Royal conman, Prince Andrew. He lives a lavish lifestyle on a Navy pension and pocket money from his Mum, the Queen. Yet he managed to buy a house in Switzerland for £16 million. He is very friendly with the President of Kazakhstan, who is an oil rich despot. Perhaps thats a clue.

Back to poetry this week               THE GIFT OF A CHILD

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