It is my birthday today and I have always wanted to do the fandango and tap dance. But  it may be too late as I,m know I’m getting a bit old. As I say it is my birthday but unfortunately I’m in agony as I have hurt my back. So too old and bad back?  Well I expect my back will recover soon but I doubt that having two left feet will. Also I think I really mean the paso doble not the fandango. I am joking about the too old bit I don’t think you are Ever to old to do something. I did my first sky dive at the age of 70 last year so I don’t see why I can’t try some dance lessons. I always had a vision of myself like Fred Astaire. One can dream.

This has been an ironic week. The Orlando killing are just tragic but any nation that can allow 382 mass killings (a mass killing is where 4 or more die) in a year. Abama speaks out yet again over US gun laws but appears powerless to do anything. Donald Trump makes it political and blames Islamic elements. He doesn’t help anyone by stating “I told you so”. The killer was an Islamic supporter but was gay and was born in New York. So do you expel all Islamic US citizens Donald.

Now here is the irony. A British M.P is shot dead this week by a man with mental problems (not confirmed but likely.) So guns are still available here but we don’t have nearly as many killing. The MP is a lady with two young children. Born and went to school in her home town  then went to Cambrige Uni. worked for OXFAM then became MP for her local area. She seems to have been universally liked and respected. A tragic loss. RIP Jo Cox. Only 41.

HUMOUR For inspiration DH Lawrence liked to to climb mulberry trees naked. Wonder why mulberry trees?

The largest sperm bank in the world does not accept donations from redheads because of “insufficient demand”



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