This week has probably been one of the most momentous weeks in my life time.

We are out of Europe , or in the process of leaving which is likely to be protracted and very costly to this country. Our PM has gone, I have no doubts he will be able to get a job as a used car salesman which is more suited to his abilities. The rats have started to fight already as to who will take over. The following are the runners and riders!

Theresa May, A plastic Margaret Thatcher, a sheep in wolves clothing. Could never be accused of having a sense of humour. Wears nice shoes (apparently)

Michael Gove, The poissoned (his father was a fish monger) dwarf who thinks he is the brightest match in the matchbox who stabs his friends in the back and who said on many occasions he didn’t want to be PM.A cross between Brutus and Judas Iscariot !.

Stephen Crabb Running on the ticket that he didn’t go to Eton ans was brought up by a single mother on a council estate. Has been a minister for all of a year!

Liam Fox Has aspirations to be the most loathsome Scot. in history. Should have stayed a medical doctor. Would have been more use.

Andrea Leadsom. Who? Was a high flying banker so we know what she’s like!

Non runners Nicky U-turn Morgan who is just looking for any top job. Jeremy Hunt who thinks he can be successful at some role eventually.

Winner Theresa May. If you want to vote pay £25 to join the Conservative Party and get the same vote as an MP.

LABOUR No leadership vacancy yet but watch this space. 172 MPs have given him a vote of no confidence. No noticeable signs of a future PM. Even cheaper to join the Labour Party, £3 and same voting rights as an MP.

In fact pay £28 and decide the future of the country, cheap at the price.

Another disaster , England got knocked out of the European football championship by the mighty Iceland (population 300,000) and the manager resigned! No obvious candidates for this either, Arsene Wenger or Steve Bruce perhaps.

Ryan Giggs, the ex Man Utd player and assistant manager is going to leave the club because they didn’t make him manager. Good riddance you little shit. Thinks he is Gods gift to women. At last his wife has kicked him out after numerous affairs including with his own brothers wife. Disgusting individual!

After England’s defeat Bobby Charlton , one of the stars who won the world cup in 1966 was asked if his team would have beaten Iceland. He said yes by 1-0. Only 1-0 yes he said we are in our 70’s now!!!!!

Why are womens buttons on the left and mens on the right? Why not the same way?

For some reason Tuesday nights sleep is the best of the week. We get 1/2hr more on Friday and Saturday nights but Tuesday is of better quality. Also women sleep more than men by all of 17 minutes.

Humour It takes 5 people to extract semen from a vulture.

At 21 Mussolini was homeless and living under a bridge in Switzerland. Obviously good training in becoming a dictator!

Martian sunsets are blue.

the first choice of a name for Disneys Hannah Montana was Alexis Texas but it was already taken by a porn star!

Poem attached.    THE HOUSE


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