It is not very often living in the North East of England we can say it is hot. Well this we can. To be fair only for a couple of days. But the rest of the week it has been pleasantly warm. In fact for a labrador called Bruce it has been too hot. He still seems to have a winter coat which I can actually pull out in tufts. They are certainly a cold climate dog and do suffer when it is warm. But of course I live on the coast so he can cool off in the sea every day. They just love water.

I am not going to mention politics this week as frankly I’m just fed up with it. The television and media are in their element and its just on ALL the time. My only thought is that virtually all politicians of all the various parties appear to be only interested in themselves rather than their parties or the country!

This word for Britain leaving the European Union is BREXIT. I hate this word , it means nothing!!!!!!!!

Ok Russia should be banned from participating in the Olympic games in all sports never mind athletics. Their sports ministry actually organised positive drug tests being changed. Also the punishments for being caught should be a lot harsher, a ten year ban or even life. They are CHEATS. Then it would be an example to others.

Turkey has had a failed coupe this week. They keep saying they are democratic. They are not. Just like Russia, China, North Korea and several African countries who don’t allow freedom of speech and civil rights they are dictatorships. As are most of the Arab countries. In fact at the end of the day the majority of people in the world live in dictatorships!!!

I am against nuclear weapons. If any country does use them I don’t believe just the country being attacked will suffer. I think the rest of the world will suffer.

A recent survey claims men spend more time than women on the phone. That doesnt surprise me , men also gossip more and a lot of the time talk a load of shit. Sorry fellows.

Humour . The labourers who built the Great Wall of China were fed on sauerkraut. What no rice?

Hamsters can only blink with one eye at a time!

Eating dogs is legal in 44 US states

The human brain has enough memory to hold three million hours of television. What a frightening thought!!!

50 Shades of Grey has now earned £52million for author EL James after the film rights were sold. If only she could write properly!

Christina Estrada, The super model has been awarded the following in her divorce settlement. £60million for a small house in London, then per annum, £600k for private jets, £21k for shoes, £83k for dresses, £15k for three suitcases, 34k for sun glasses, £59k for handbags and £93k for facials. She has £20 million of her own money by the way. Who says there is one law for the rich etc.

Finally , talking about the rich it has been announced the Queen is taking in lodgers. Not just any lodgers of course. It will cost you £20k a month for a 4 bed apartment at St. James palace if you fancy it.

Poem attached as usual  MEMORY OF DAYS GONE BY


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