Frivolous for no special reason. Just quite like the word.

My daughter has just had an enormous tattoo on her leg of a owl. I quite like it but it is a bit showy for me. I am thinking about a small one on my shoulder , maybe a thistle (for my Scottish ancestry) a horse (because I like them) or perhaps a eagle. As one of my friends said are you not too old for that sort of thing that IS the very reason to do it . Because it isn’t sensible. So watch this space.

The student fee system for uni’s in this country (England) is a joke. It costs £9,000 per annum but already some uni’s are being allowed to put it up to £9250, which will soon become the norm. 75% of todays students will be paying the debt off in their 50,s with a average debt of £44,000. As you do not have to pay anything back until you earn £21,000 it is likely 50% will NEVER be paid back. Also European students owe £1.3 billion now and it is growing ever year. At present if they,ve left the UK. there is no way to enforce the debt. By the time you take all the admin associated with implementation is is probably cheaper to not charge them at all which is what happens in Scotland now. Madness.

So the Heavyweight championship of the US is finally decided Trump v Clinton. , although there seemed to be a huge number of dissenting voices at both conferences. For the sake of the World lets hope Hillary wins. Putin wants Trump to win which is a good enough reason to support Clinton.

120 pilot whales were killed in the Faroe Isles recently by driving them into a narrow bay and bludgeoning them to death. Apparently it is a yearly tradition. Last year they killed 838 whales in total. It may be traditional but it is still barbaric and wrong. I put it in the same category as bullfighting. It is not even a straight fight between bull and man. The bull is maimed before it enters the ring. Why don’t they do the same to the man, tie his hands behind his back perhaps.

Humour. Sweden makes biofuel from dead rabbits.

The Greek god Atlas had an aunt called Doris. Of course he did!

The current pope Francis I used to work as a bouncer in a Buenos Aires nightclub. A handy guy to have next to you in a fight then. But do you bless or beat them?

Oh, no in 80% of US Presidential elections the taller candidate won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I,m old , but who or what is the Pokemon thing. Will it catch on do you think?

Trust the IOC to cop out, leaving the decision whether Russian cheats can participate in various sports or not at Rio. They should have been banned totally.

Two sports awards this week, Chris Froome for winning the Tour de France 3 times without using drugs and to Johanna Konta for winning The Bank of West Tennis Classic in Stanford, USA beating Venus Williams in the final which hardly got a mention in the British papers this week.

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