I made a promise to myself when I started this blog I would do it every Friday. The last three weeks I have failed and i feel ashamed of myself. Yes, I have done exceptional extra things on those days but realy that is just an excuse. I promise i will try harder in the future. honest!

So Olympics is over and GB did very well. 67 medals and we beat the Chinese in the medal table. Only the mighty US were ahead of us. Sport is hugely beneficial to a country. Good for health obviously, but it encourages children to aspire to do the same when they have so many other distractions these days. Achievng success makes people proud of their country and ingenders wellbeing generally. Happy people work harder. (Employers  take note please) And success in any field helps trade with other countries. And following on from that I believe the same about the arts. Having a success music industry and being prominent in the field of art and literature raises the profile of a country. This is something politicians seem unable to grasp. The Cultural minister in any government is judged to be of low priority and is generally given to a young politician on the way up or a has been politician on the way down. It should be much more important!

We don’t have many eathquakes in Europe so when we see the effect on Italian villages it really makes us think. Spare a thought for the poor victims and their relatives.

Who in their right mind promises a 7 day service in the NHS when we are struggling to provide a 5 day one. Oh, sorry it was the walking disaster Jeremy Hunt!!!!!!

In the recent exam results in the uk girls did 10 % better than boys. Why the surprise?

Humour  69% of the cocaine sold in the US contains de-worming medication. Is that not a good thing that addicts don’t get worms?

Offa’s Dyke, was built 200 years before Offa was born. It was a good guess then!

In the Norwegian town of Longyearbyen it is illegal to die. I wonder if anybody has been charged for it ?

The Persians invented horse-riding and trousers but did they invent horse riding in trousers?

Scientists have just discovered the nearest Earth-like planet. Unfortunately it will take a space craft 20 years to get there, and 4 years to send photographs back. So can  you imagine if we sent a manned spaceraft there and they didnt like it they would have spent 1/2 their lives getting there and coming back!

My home printer has just broken down. I discovered this after spending £35 on new ink cartridges. It wasnt lack of ink it was the printer that was faulty. I have now bought a new printer for £59. Apparently what the large companies like Hewlett, Packer and Canon do is sell printers cheap but make their money on ink. Apparently they control the prices we can buy at. In other words it is a monopoly. So why doesn’t governments do something about it?

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I,m late again, this should be friday but I,m blaming those compulsive watching  Olympic games. My sleep patterns are totally confused but we Brits are just doing so well! We are second in the medal table only behind the mighty US. With two days to go we are ahead of China and it is our best foreign games. I say foreign because last years home Olympics in London is likely to remain as our best ever for years.

A negative is the cowardly Ryan Lochte who after claiming he was robbed at gunpoint by the Brazilian police. He and three other swimmers lied to cover up some criminal damage they did to some toilets. He immediately got a plane home, two others were pulled off a plane and the fourth disappeared. Great swimmers but scumbag people. Will Ryan fly back to Rio to face the music. I doubt it. But his country should force him to go back. Such a pity.

Scientists this week claim dogs would rather have praise from their owner than be given treats. They obviously didnt include Labradors in their test. My dog would do anything for a treat. If burglars came to my house with food he would help them carry away my stuff.

The BBC are sacking the Meteorological Office who have provided weather forecasts for for 90 years in favour of a Dutch company. Apparently it is cheaper. Brits will lose their jobs but I wonder if The Dutch are promising more accurate forecasts or are they just promising BETTER weather!!!!!

There is a new book coming out about the Russian Tsars and how cruel they were to common people. When you think about it they went from the Tsars to Stalin and now have Putin and the Russian mafia. Things havent improved a great deal for the ordinary Russian have they?

A recent survey in the UK has found thet the taller the man is the more he earns and he is likely to vote Tory. Also the heavier a woman is the less she earns. Who said life was fair?

HUMOUR Golfers can get “golf ball liver” from licking their balls. Wonder what they get for licking golf balls.

William Morton , the father of anaesthesia, first experimented on himself but kept falling asleep before he could describe the results. Thats why it took so long, then!

It takes 700 grapes to make a bottle of wine!

The busiest polling station in the Australian elections is in London.

A father in England is suing his sons boarding school for not doing well in his exams. As he had been at the school 5 years would he not have known by then the school was very good or is it not  possible the kid was just a lazy bastard! People sue for anything these days.

A final gripe. It is about time laws were implemented to force companies to reduce the sugar content in food and drink. High sugar content and fast foods cause obesity which leads to diabetes, greater risk of heart disease and cancers. Which costs us for treatments on the NHS. 1/3 of children in the UK are overweight. So surely , if we encourage more sport especially in school and force companies to use less sugar and deter the promotion of fast foods through outlets and supermarkets it would improve health and rduce health treatment costs.

What do the government do? They make it voluntary not law. What a cop out!!!!!

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Fraudulently Friday because I blog on fridays and today is Sunday. Im afraid the reason is the Olympics. I have always be a sports nut and the Olympics is my Mecca. I love watching athletics, rugby, tennis, golf anything with horses, cycling generally but when you throw in gymnatics, rowing, swimming etc it becomes irresistable. Then you add the factor that GB are doing well and it becomes a heady cocktail. I went to the London Olympics and while the sports are obviously the best in the world the atmosphere in London itself with so many foreign visitors being there was fantastic.

As I say GB have done really well so far with a lot of individual performances. I have to update what I said about us being good at any sport where sitting down is allowed. You can also add any sport where water is involved. In fact our ideal sports are rowing, canoeing and yachting.

Apart from the Brits I applaud gymnast Simone Biles, only 19 and 4ft.8inches tall. She came from a very difficult childhood and through sheer determination has become the world’s best gymnast. She is fantastic. Also Michael Phelps who has now won more than 20 golds in swimming which is incredible.

A British railway worker has been sent a tax bill for £14,301,369,864,480.03p.  He has asked if he can pay weekly!

A very sensible father who’s  soldier son died in a training exercise has refused to blame the army.His son was very fit but it was discovered he had a heart defect at the inquest.Normally the victim or his family blame the authorities. He is grieving with dignity. As someone who has lost a son as a young man I admire this man.The son died doing what he loved and accidents happen.

HUMOUR If you fire lasers at the brain of a fly you can make it have sex with a ball of wax! Excuse me. WHY????????

Apparently cannibalism in the UK is still legal. Is there anybody I fancy eating. Well,…

The record number of live goldfish swallowed at a single sitting is 210. I,m surprised that is legal and why would you want to do it anyway!

People eat less in subdued lighting it has been found!

Shame on Sir Phillip Green, retailing billionaire. On holiday on his new £100 million yacht.He made sure 11,000 people lost their jobs at BHS and has endangered 20,000 peoples pensions.And what does he say about it? It wasn’t his fault and if excellent MP Frank Field doesn’t stop calling him names he wont even help Hope the boat sinks.

Also shame on Shami Chakrabati. The excellent leader of human rights campaign group “Liberty” sold out after a supposedly independent report on Anti Semitism for the Labour Party was nominated for a knighthood by the very leader, Jeremy Corbyn who is anti knighthoods. Shame on them both. Hypocrites.

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Its been a funny week. I mean strange I suppose. My dog has been ill, my car has been in for repair and Im looking after my daughters dog too. Nothing hugely out of the ordinary but enough to disturb the equilbrium of a retired person. Bruce , my dog has had a minor operation to remove some kind of growth from his ear.It has been sent away for analysis. Hopefully its nothing but it was growing rapidly. But then he was vomiting everytime he ate something. The trouble about labradors is they eat anything and he could have picked up something horrible in the fields. He has been ok yesterday and today thank goodness. I know people say “its only a dog” but those of you who are dog owners know better than that.

My car was in for repair so I have walked everywhere this week. Didnt miss it as much as I thought I would.

Looking forward to the Olympics. I’m a sports nut co it is pretty much my Mecca. I will have to look  at the time differences so I can figure out what time the events are on. The thing I do like is that we can watch sports which we dont see too often normally. Things like gymnastics, beach volley ball,  shooting, sailing, rugby 7’s etc.

Have you ever noticed the Brits tend to be best at sports involving sitting down.Cycling, equestrian, rowing, sailing, canoeing we are particularly good at.

The only problem is we don’t know who is free of drugs. The Russians should have been banned totally to show the world the IOC meant business but as in most things today politics are involved so it didnt happen.

This is an popen letter to the UK’s enemies. Now is a very good time to attack us. We dont have a aircraft carrier and all of our 6 destroyers are in Portsmouth at the same time. Also only 1 of our 4 nuclear submarines is at sea and we have only 3 erigates patrolling our coastlines. If you do invade please leave Whitley Bay alone. Thanks for that.

Humour  In 2013 Al-Qaeda apologised for accidently beheading one of their own men. What a shame!!!

Before having their chests cut open and their hearts pulled out Aztec human-sacrifice victims were given a cup of hot chocolate. Oh, that made it a bit less painful then!

It is a fact that people holding a crocodile gamble more. Wonder if bookies know that?

So Bernie Eccleston , the boss of F1 motor sport had his mother in law , who is 67 was kidnapped this week. They got her back unscathed as apparently it was an inside job. But I just noticed Bernies wife at 38 is 47 years younger than him. He is worth £2 billion do you think they married for love. That means at 71 I could be looking for a woman of 24. Any takers? The only trouble is I haven’t quite got his £2 billion!

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