Its been a funny week. I mean strange I suppose. My dog has been ill, my car has been in for repair and Im looking after my daughters dog too. Nothing hugely out of the ordinary but enough to disturb the equilbrium of a retired person. Bruce , my dog has had a minor operation to remove some kind of growth from his ear.It has been sent away for analysis. Hopefully its nothing but it was growing rapidly. But then he was vomiting everytime he ate something. The trouble about labradors is they eat anything and he could have picked up something horrible in the fields. He has been ok yesterday and today thank goodness. I know people say “its only a dog” but those of you who are dog owners know better than that.

My car was in for repair so I have walked everywhere this week. Didnt miss it as much as I thought I would.

Looking forward to the Olympics. I’m a sports nut co it is pretty much my Mecca. I will have to look  at the time differences so I can figure out what time the events are on. The thing I do like is that we can watch sports which we dont see too often normally. Things like gymnastics, beach volley ball,  shooting, sailing, rugby 7’s etc.

Have you ever noticed the Brits tend to be best at sports involving sitting down.Cycling, equestrian, rowing, sailing, canoeing we are particularly good at.

The only problem is we don’t know who is free of drugs. The Russians should have been banned totally to show the world the IOC meant business but as in most things today politics are involved so it didnt happen.

This is an popen letter to the UK’s enemies. Now is a very good time to attack us. We dont have a aircraft carrier and all of our 6 destroyers are in Portsmouth at the same time. Also only 1 of our 4 nuclear submarines is at sea and we have only 3 erigates patrolling our coastlines. If you do invade please leave Whitley Bay alone. Thanks for that.

Humour  In 2013 Al-Qaeda apologised for accidently beheading one of their own men. What a shame!!!

Before having their chests cut open and their hearts pulled out Aztec human-sacrifice victims were given a cup of hot chocolate. Oh, that made it a bit less painful then!

It is a fact that people holding a crocodile gamble more. Wonder if bookies know that?

So Bernie Eccleston , the boss of F1 motor sport had his mother in law , who is 67 was kidnapped this week. They got her back unscathed as apparently it was an inside job. But I just noticed Bernies wife at 38 is 47 years younger than him. He is worth £2 billion do you think they married for love. That means at 71 I could be looking for a woman of 24. Any takers? The only trouble is I haven’t quite got his £2 billion!

Poem this week is attached      A ROCKY ROAD



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