Fraudulently Friday because I blog on fridays and today is Sunday. Im afraid the reason is the Olympics. I have always be a sports nut and the Olympics is my Mecca. I love watching athletics, rugby, tennis, golf anything with horses, cycling generally but when you throw in gymnatics, rowing, swimming etc it becomes irresistable. Then you add the factor that GB are doing well and it becomes a heady cocktail. I went to the London Olympics and while the sports are obviously the best in the world the atmosphere in London itself with so many foreign visitors being there was fantastic.

As I say GB have done really well so far with a lot of individual performances. I have to update what I said about us being good at any sport where sitting down is allowed. You can also add any sport where water is involved. In fact our ideal sports are rowing, canoeing and yachting.

Apart from the Brits I applaud gymnast Simone Biles, only 19 and 4ft.8inches tall. She came from a very difficult childhood and through sheer determination has become the world’s best gymnast. She is fantastic. Also Michael Phelps who has now won more than 20 golds in swimming which is incredible.

A British railway worker has been sent a tax bill for £14,301,369,864,480.03p.  He has asked if he can pay weekly!

A very sensible father who’s  soldier son died in a training exercise has refused to blame the army.His son was very fit but it was discovered he had a heart defect at the inquest.Normally the victim or his family blame the authorities. He is grieving with dignity. As someone who has lost a son as a young man I admire this man.The son died doing what he loved and accidents happen.

HUMOUR If you fire lasers at the brain of a fly you can make it have sex with a ball of wax! Excuse me. WHY????????

Apparently cannibalism in the UK is still legal. Is there anybody I fancy eating. Well,…

The record number of live goldfish swallowed at a single sitting is 210. I,m surprised that is legal and why would you want to do it anyway!

People eat less in subdued lighting it has been found!

Shame on Sir Phillip Green, retailing billionaire. On holiday on his new £100 million yacht.He made sure 11,000 people lost their jobs at BHS and has endangered 20,000 peoples pensions.And what does he say about it? It wasn’t his fault and if excellent MP Frank Field doesn’t stop calling him names he wont even help Hope the boat sinks.

Also shame on Shami Chakrabati. The excellent leader of human rights campaign group “Liberty” sold out after a supposedly independent report on Anti Semitism for the Labour Party was nominated for a knighthood by the very leader, Jeremy Corbyn who is anti knighthoods. Shame on them both. Hypocrites.

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