I,m late again, this should be friday but I,m blaming those compulsive watching  Olympic games. My sleep patterns are totally confused but we Brits are just doing so well! We are second in the medal table only behind the mighty US. With two days to go we are ahead of China and it is our best foreign games. I say foreign because last years home Olympics in London is likely to remain as our best ever for years.

A negative is the cowardly Ryan Lochte who after claiming he was robbed at gunpoint by the Brazilian police. He and three other swimmers lied to cover up some criminal damage they did to some toilets. He immediately got a plane home, two others were pulled off a plane and the fourth disappeared. Great swimmers but scumbag people. Will Ryan fly back to Rio to face the music. I doubt it. But his country should force him to go back. Such a pity.

Scientists this week claim dogs would rather have praise from their owner than be given treats. They obviously didnt include Labradors in their test. My dog would do anything for a treat. If burglars came to my house with food he would help them carry away my stuff.

The BBC are sacking the Meteorological Office who have provided weather forecasts for for 90 years in favour of a Dutch company. Apparently it is cheaper. Brits will lose their jobs but I wonder if The Dutch are promising more accurate forecasts or are they just promising BETTER weather!!!!!

There is a new book coming out about the Russian Tsars and how cruel they were to common people. When you think about it they went from the Tsars to Stalin and now have Putin and the Russian mafia. Things havent improved a great deal for the ordinary Russian have they?

A recent survey in the UK has found thet the taller the man is the more he earns and he is likely to vote Tory. Also the heavier a woman is the less she earns. Who said life was fair?

HUMOUR Golfers can get “golf ball liver” from licking their balls. Wonder what they get for licking golf balls.

William Morton , the father of anaesthesia, first experimented on himself but kept falling asleep before he could describe the results. Thats why it took so long, then!

It takes 700 grapes to make a bottle of wine!

The busiest polling station in the Australian elections is in London.

A father in England is suing his sons boarding school for not doing well in his exams. As he had been at the school 5 years would he not have known by then the school was very good or is it not  possible the kid was just a lazy bastard! People sue for anything these days.

A final gripe. It is about time laws were implemented to force companies to reduce the sugar content in food and drink. High sugar content and fast foods cause obesity which leads to diabetes, greater risk of heart disease and cancers. Which costs us for treatments on the NHS. 1/3 of children in the UK are overweight. So surely , if we encourage more sport especially in school and force companies to use less sugar and deter the promotion of fast foods through outlets and supermarkets it would improve health and rduce health treatment costs.

What do the government do? They make it voluntary not law. What a cop out!!!!!

Thanks for listening. Poem attached      PERCEPTION


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