I made a promise to myself when I started this blog I would do it every Friday. The last three weeks I have failed and i feel ashamed of myself. Yes, I have done exceptional extra things on those days but realy that is just an excuse. I promise i will try harder in the future. honest!

So Olympics is over and GB did very well. 67 medals and we beat the Chinese in the medal table. Only the mighty US were ahead of us. Sport is hugely beneficial to a country. Good for health obviously, but it encourages children to aspire to do the same when they have so many other distractions these days. Achievng success makes people proud of their country and ingenders wellbeing generally. Happy people work harder. (Employers  take note please) And success in any field helps trade with other countries. And following on from that I believe the same about the arts. Having a success music industry and being prominent in the field of art and literature raises the profile of a country. This is something politicians seem unable to grasp. The Cultural minister in any government is judged to be of low priority and is generally given to a young politician on the way up or a has been politician on the way down. It should be much more important!

We don’t have many eathquakes in Europe so when we see the effect on Italian villages it really makes us think. Spare a thought for the poor victims and their relatives.

Who in their right mind promises a 7 day service in the NHS when we are struggling to provide a 5 day one. Oh, sorry it was the walking disaster Jeremy Hunt!!!!!!

In the recent exam results in the uk girls did 10 % better than boys. Why the surprise?

Humour  69% of the cocaine sold in the US contains de-worming medication. Is that not a good thing that addicts don’t get worms?

Offa’s Dyke, was built 200 years before Offa was born. It was a good guess then!

In the Norwegian town of Longyearbyen it is illegal to die. I wonder if anybody has been charged for it ?

The Persians invented horse-riding and trousers but did they invent horse riding in trousers?

Scientists have just discovered the nearest Earth-like planet. Unfortunately it will take a space craft 20 years to get there, and 4 years to send photographs back. So can  you imagine if we sent a manned spaceraft there and they didnt like it they would have spent 1/2 their lives getting there and coming back!

My home printer has just broken down. I discovered this after spending £35 on new ink cartridges. It wasnt lack of ink it was the printer that was faulty. I have now bought a new printer for £59. Apparently what the large companies like Hewlett, Packer and Canon do is sell printers cheap but make their money on ink. Apparently they control the prices we can buy at. In other words it is a monopoly. So why doesn’t governments do something about it?

Poem this week attached   END OF THE LINE


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