Frustrated because I see so many things in the world wrong and so called politicians do a lot of talking but never seem to achieve anything.

Ist example is Syria. the Russians and Syrians blame  the US and rebel fighters. They will not even allow aid convoys into Aleppo. In fact somebody bombed a convoy killed aid workers. The people who ordered the pilots to do that are war criminals not human being but animals and should be brought to justice. It appears at this point in time the object of the exercise is to kill all 250,000 people , inc women and children in East Aleppo so they wont oppose the Assad regime. Once he has killed all the opposition everything will be fine and everybody will agree with him. There are 35 doctors left in that area to look after those 250,000 people who are bombed everyday without being able to defend themselves. There was a very emotive film this week of children playing in a water filled bomb crater as if it was a swimming pool in a holiday resort. Those kids might be dead tomorrow! The Russians know Kerry will not be in office much longer so are not really negotiating with him properly. They are probably waiting and hoping that Trump becomes President. He hasn’t spoken about Syria at all so he is likely to say to the Russians just get on with what you are doing now. The UN had meeting about Syria last weekend and there was a lot of talking but of course no action. They are spineless safe in there own countries.

And while Im at it the US and Uk are supplying arms to Saudi Arabia who are using those weapons to bomb defenceless civilians in the Yemen. And what do we do ,? nothing of course, Saudi Arabia has a lot of oil!

I saw the televised meeting between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump this week. I thought Hillary talked some sense but I just cant believe Trump is going to be leader of the country that claims to be the leader of civilised society. Trump is just telling the people what they want to hear but how he can carry out some of the outrageous things he says he is going to do is a mystery.

Unfortunately this country is not a whole not better. Jeremy Corbyn the leader of the Labour is also promising the earth. His method of containing immigration seems to be that to absorb the unlimited numbers allowed to come in we build new schools hospitals, provide jobs to support the local communities where they choose to live. Unfortunately that costs money so we will borrow £ billion 500 to pay for all these ideas. Oh, and we will renationalise the railways. So his logic is that he is never going to be asked to form a government so can promise anything. I am a socialist always have been but to win elections you have to convince the floating voters of the merits of your cause. If you dont you dont get in. Oh and Labour contrived to lose Scotland to the SNP and will lose another 25 in the reorganisation of Commons seats. It would be difficult to win anyway without silly promises. Labour lost the last election because the electorate didnt trust them with the Economy. So Labour promises to borrow more. Ridiculous!

And so my final gripe is that Sam Allardyce , the England football manager lost his job because he was arrogant and greedy. Most of football is. Managers, agents and footballers are just like pig at the trough. Why anybody would be surprised that managers would take backhanders(bribes) Three apart from Allardyce would be Redknapp, Ferguson and Souness in particular come to mind and lots of smaller fish too. Sorry allegedly I dont know for certain

Sorry no humour this week but I promise things will be back to normal next week

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Day has been hectic to say the least , in fact frantic.

Up at 6-15 Took my daughter to work as she is going to Amsterdam for a “hen party” straight from her school to airport. Walk dog, breakfast, go to creative writing class, walk dog again, man fixing broken oven, dog walk again go to pub and so to bed.

And Im supposed to be retired. In truth I have so much going on in my life I get less sleep than when I worked. The difference is I do what I want, when I want!

Do policemen in America ONLY shoot black men? From this side of the Atlantic it would appear so.

Brad and Angelina are getting divorced and will have to divide their £300 million fortune. But what about their kids, I hope they’re not going to be involved in a tug of war situation. And I hope they arent going to do the whole divorce thing in public. The money lets face it is easy but the turmoil in the kids lives is what they should be thinking about.

After being invaded by giant Spanish slugs we are being attacked by Asian hornets. These are nasty pieces of work as they bite off bee’s heads! They are already in the South of England and the Channel Islands but haven’t reached us in the North yet. Hopefully it will be too cold for them up here!!!!

Alastair Brownlee is my hero of the week. His brother Jonathon was leading the last triathalon of the year and would have won the World Series if he had not collapsed. His brother, who was fighting for second place picked him up and virtually carried him over the finishing line. Alastair had had a similar breakdown in a race in Hyde Park in 2010 so he had vowed to help anyone in trouble after nobody came to his assistance. It just so happened that his first opportunity to help anyone it was his own brother. True sportmanship!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a tree from the North East will win tree of the year. It is a sycamore on Hadrians Wall which starred in the film Robin Hood : Prince of Thieves co- starring with Kevin Cosner . It has turned over a new leaf and just wants to stand there looking pretty in future.

Humour Drinking wine before a meal makes you eat 25% more. Also classical music played in a restaurant increases the amount people spend on wine!

In the Himalayas the smoke from burning millipedes is used to treat haemorrhoids. I dont know if this means you you just hold your bare bottom above the fire or you let the smoke waft up your trousers or frock .

The most popular name for cows in Switzerland was Fiona. Sorry to any Fionas!

The only people who will be able to pay off student loans in full in future will be doctors or lawyers as the debt is cancelled after 30 years. Also only 50% is expected to be paid back. Universities have been allowed to increase their fees to £9250 pa this year so virtually every one has done so. So this will make matters worse. What a farce.

Speaking from a man’s point of view who thinks stick insect models are attractive? It it because clothes look better on them.Now dont get me wrong, I prefer slim women but who are slim because they exercise and eat healthy foods. I know it is wrong to associate fat people with greed but I do. I know some people are fat due to medical reasons but not the majority. Sorry again I should be using the term obese rather than fat.

Women in the middle neither fat nor skinny appear to me to be the most attractive. Average healthy women. I dont think Im alone in my thoughts.

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Please Hillary stay well! You’re country needs you.

Lets hope this ceasefire in Syria holds. The civilians left there especially in Aleppo deserve it. Last weekend the Russians were using chlorine bombs. The only thing is Assad will have to go. Can somebody not just assassinate him?

Hate to mention this but Newcastle Utd. my football team have started off the season quite well. I know it is early days but they won 6-0 away from home this week and I cant remember them ever doing that before and Ive been going to the games for something like 55 years. Fingers crossed

As I was walking my dog today in the torrential rain today I just thought how most dog walkers only walk when the weather is nice, especially those with small dogs. Bruce being a labrador has to be walked no matter what the weather or he would drive me crazy. So he is out for three walks in total about 2 1/2 hours every day no matter what the weather, winter or summer. There are days where  I could easily make an excuse not to go. But ………… It was a hassle today for example. Putting on wellington boots waterproof trousers and anorak and using an umbrella (normally its to windy ) then come home and clean and dry a big muddy dog. Have done it twice, one walk to go. Still once Im out I do love being in the fields or on the beach and wouldnt swop it! Besides it keeps me fit.

Talking about dogs I noticed today when I want my dog to actually do something I actually say please. Instinct I suppose its not as if I expect him to be polite.

A preacher in the US who was vehmently against gays has had to resign as he was caught using a internet site for gay sex. That is called “shitting in ones own nest” which I believe was originally a Shakespearean saying.

Humour The London underground was originally intended to terminate in Paris!

In Imperial Japan high born women peed standing up so they didnt crease their kimonos.

There are more libraries in Britains prisons than there are in its schools.

78% of Bulgarians never do any exercise. Lazy bastards!

David Cameron, ex PM, has announced he is giving up his seat in the House of Commons. He is writing his memoirs , which are expected to earn him in excess of £5 million and go on the speaking circuit which can pay up to £250K.a speech.He is to get a pension and expenses of over £100k to start up his own office. His wife is expected to start her own fashion design business so dont feel too sorry for him.

While on politics the number of MPs in the commons is expected to reduce to 600 with Labour likely to lose 1/2 of the seats, 25. It is an independent body so is fair. George Osborne and Jeremy Corbyn are expected to lose their seats which cant be a bad thing. But when are they going to do something about the House of Lords which now has 800 unelected members

Why are the USA lagging in the Paralympic medal table behind China, Uk and Ukraine and Russia aren’t even there. Do they not take it as seriously as the able bodied games?On that subject the guy who finished 9th in the Olympics is in line for the bronze medal in weight lifting as 6 of the men above him have failed drugs tests.


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Firstly the liar Ryan Lochte was punished. Banned for 10 months , forfeited £75k bonuses and his monthly funding but a mere 20 hrs community service. The worst punishment for some one with as big an ego as his is that he misses Team USA’s visit to the White house. But lets face it he could have ended up in a Brazilian jail!.

A van driver has received a 9 year prison sentence for killing a man for driving  while using his mobile phone. Sounds a reasonable sentence but it was his EIGHTH similar offence. Also his 4 year old son was in the front passenger seat. WHY had he not been banned from driving before now?

The British government is going to pay £2 million for a brick wall to built around Calais to stop immigrants climbing into lorries and getting into the UK. Can they not just stop the fraffic by throwing missiles or blocking the outside this wall. Or is it just trial wall for the one between the USA and Mexico. Theirs a point why dont we get the French to pay for it?

Kids being sent to primary (first) schools with packed lunches have been surveyed on what they contain. Only 1.6 % contain what food experts consider healthy items. 17% contained any vegetables or salad while 50% contained sweets and 60 % savoury things like crisps. How are we going to reduce obesity when we are not feeding under 7’s properly?

Yet another hypocrite MP bites the dust. How can these people claim their private lives have nothing to do with their public personna. Keith Vaz was chairman of the Home Affairs Committee in the House of Commons, which looked after vice, drugs and the police. He only hired rent boys and offered to buy them cocaine. These people are supposed to set an example and I wonder what his wife feels about it. I wouldnt be happy if he was my MP. He should do the honourable thing and disappear from public life including resigning as an MP.

While Im on about politics I watched a debate for the leadership of the Labour party on TV last night. I have always voted Labour and to quite honest neither should be leader. Both are out of touch with the middle of the road voters who elect governments and especially the North of England and Scotland. They have as much chance of forming a government as the man in the moon.

Mark Carney , the Governor of the Bank of England is having his level of expenses scrutinised by MP’s. He made 30 foreign trips which he is expected to do . IS it not a case of the pot calling a kettle black.

Humour The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus attempted to cure a serious illness by lying in the sun covered in cow dung. He died the following day! So that treatment was dropped then?

8 million years ago guinea pigs were the size of cows. So they werent house pets then!

JFK was wearing a corset when he was shot. I could have sworn he was wearing a suit.

Its illegal in Saudi Arabia for men to work in lingerie shops.

Finally welcome back the new series “Cold Feet” after 13 years, the British equivalent of Friends. Still funny after all these years.

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How does a person , a Chief Executive of Southern Health NHS who has resigned effectively because she is incompetent, then receive an offer of another job in the same organisation for the same pay, £240k. She is basically a senior civil servant, of which there are a vast number in this country. The point is how is she paid was £240k and the Prime Minister of this country receives £143k. How does that work!!!! Although I suppose the PM has a house (two actually) and a company car and chauffeurs thrown in and a healthy expense account too. And I suppose she gets to take tea with the Queen.

I saw an article in the paper this week that amused me. Apparently there is an influx of foreign slugs invading this country. There are , apparently, “Spanish super slugs on the rampage” I can’t see this rampage of slugs somehow.

A study has found this week that dogs can understand what we say and if we really mean it. Well I’m in real trouble as I lie to my dog all the time, I didn’t realise he knew knew. I feel awful now. I’m going to have to be more careful in future. I don’t want to hurt his feeling. I will just be upfront and tell him I’m going to the pub in future!

Anheuser-Busch inBev and SABMiller brewing giants are merging to become the biggest in the world. They will have over 300 individual brands between them. 5’000 people will lose their jobs but bankers, lawyers and PR people will make £556 million between them. It’s just obscene!

Disastrous news this week The price of British smoked bacon is going to rise as Chinese farming has been hit by flooding. So substantially higher prices in the UK. Is nothing sacred?  Apparently the Chinese also are now the biggest oil producers in the North Sea. I live in a small area of the North-east of England and our water is supplied by Northumbria Water. Some years ago it was bought by a French company who were then bought out by the Chinese. So in this small area of England the Chinese control my water. It’s just silly.

I need some humour. Pandas defecate (shit to you) 50 times a day. Wouldn’t like to take one for a walk. My dog is bad enough!

13 Americans have died as a result of a laxative dose. What a way to go!!!!!

“meh” is the sound that Japanese sheep make. Well thats one Japanese word I know. Meh means baa. That might be useful someday.

The worlds oldest building is a Japanese hut built half a million years before the Great Pyramid. The Japanese certainly know how to build huts!!

Apparently in 50 years men will do most of the household chores.But can the washing up, ironing, vacuuming and cleaning wait that long?

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