How does a person , a Chief Executive of Southern Health NHS who has resigned effectively because she is incompetent, then receive an offer of another job in the same organisation for the same pay, £240k. She is basically a senior civil servant, of which there are a vast number in this country. The point is how is she paid was £240k and the Prime Minister of this country receives £143k. How does that work!!!! Although I suppose the PM has a house (two actually) and a company car and chauffeurs thrown in and a healthy expense account too. And I suppose she gets to take tea with the Queen.

I saw an article in the paper this week that amused me. Apparently there is an influx of foreign slugs invading this country. There are , apparently, “Spanish super slugs on the rampage” I can’t see this rampage of slugs somehow.

A study has found this week that dogs can understand what we say and if we really mean it. Well I’m in real trouble as I lie to my dog all the time, I didn’t realise he knew knew. I feel awful now. I’m going to have to be more careful in future. I don’t want to hurt his feeling. I will just be upfront and tell him I’m going to the pub in future!

Anheuser-Busch inBev and SABMiller brewing giants are merging to become the biggest in the world. They will have over 300 individual brands between them. 5’000 people will lose their jobs but bankers, lawyers and PR people will make £556 million between them. It’s just obscene!

Disastrous news this week The price of British smoked bacon is going to rise as Chinese farming has been hit by flooding. So substantially higher prices in the UK. Is nothing sacred?  Apparently the Chinese also are now the biggest oil producers in the North Sea. I live in a small area of the North-east of England and our water is supplied by Northumbria Water. Some years ago it was bought by a French company who were then bought out by the Chinese. So in this small area of England the Chinese control my water. It’s just silly.

I need some humour. Pandas defecate (shit to you) 50 times a day. Wouldn’t like to take one for a walk. My dog is bad enough!

13 Americans have died as a result of a laxative dose. What a way to go!!!!!

“meh” is the sound that Japanese sheep make. Well thats one Japanese word I know. Meh means baa. That might be useful someday.

The worlds oldest building is a Japanese hut built half a million years before the Great Pyramid. The Japanese certainly know how to build huts!!

Apparently in 50 years men will do most of the household chores.But can the washing up, ironing, vacuuming and cleaning wait that long?

Poem attached          WINTER



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