Firstly the liar Ryan Lochte was punished. Banned for 10 months , forfeited £75k bonuses and his monthly funding but a mere 20 hrs community service. The worst punishment for some one with as big an ego as his is that he misses Team USA’s visit to the White house. But lets face it he could have ended up in a Brazilian jail!.

A van driver has received a 9 year prison sentence for killing a man for driving  while using his mobile phone. Sounds a reasonable sentence but it was his EIGHTH similar offence. Also his 4 year old son was in the front passenger seat. WHY had he not been banned from driving before now?

The British government is going to pay £2 million for a brick wall to built around Calais to stop immigrants climbing into lorries and getting into the UK. Can they not just stop the fraffic by throwing missiles or blocking the outside this wall. Or is it just trial wall for the one between the USA and Mexico. Theirs a point why dont we get the French to pay for it?

Kids being sent to primary (first) schools with packed lunches have been surveyed on what they contain. Only 1.6 % contain what food experts consider healthy items. 17% contained any vegetables or salad while 50% contained sweets and 60 % savoury things like crisps. How are we going to reduce obesity when we are not feeding under 7’s properly?

Yet another hypocrite MP bites the dust. How can these people claim their private lives have nothing to do with their public personna. Keith Vaz was chairman of the Home Affairs Committee in the House of Commons, which looked after vice, drugs and the police. He only hired rent boys and offered to buy them cocaine. These people are supposed to set an example and I wonder what his wife feels about it. I wouldnt be happy if he was my MP. He should do the honourable thing and disappear from public life including resigning as an MP.

While Im on about politics I watched a debate for the leadership of the Labour party on TV last night. I have always voted Labour and to quite honest neither should be leader. Both are out of touch with the middle of the road voters who elect governments and especially the North of England and Scotland. They have as much chance of forming a government as the man in the moon.

Mark Carney , the Governor of the Bank of England is having his level of expenses scrutinised by MP’s. He made 30 foreign trips which he is expected to do . IS it not a case of the pot calling a kettle black.

Humour The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus attempted to cure a serious illness by lying in the sun covered in cow dung. He died the following day! So that treatment was dropped then?

8 million years ago guinea pigs were the size of cows. So they werent house pets then!

JFK was wearing a corset when he was shot. I could have sworn he was wearing a suit.

Its illegal in Saudi Arabia for men to work in lingerie shops.

Finally welcome back the new series “Cold Feet” after 13 years, the British equivalent of Friends. Still funny after all these years.

Poem attached.                    pretty-perfect


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