Please Hillary stay well! You’re country needs you.

Lets hope this ceasefire in Syria holds. The civilians left there especially in Aleppo deserve it. Last weekend the Russians were using chlorine bombs. The only thing is Assad will have to go. Can somebody not just assassinate him?

Hate to mention this but Newcastle Utd. my football team have started off the season quite well. I know it is early days but they won 6-0 away from home this week and I cant remember them ever doing that before and Ive been going to the games for something like 55 years. Fingers crossed

As I was walking my dog today in the torrential rain today I just thought how most dog walkers only walk when the weather is nice, especially those with small dogs. Bruce being a labrador has to be walked no matter what the weather or he would drive me crazy. So he is out for three walks in total about 2 1/2 hours every day no matter what the weather, winter or summer. There are days where  I could easily make an excuse not to go. But ………… It was a hassle today for example. Putting on wellington boots waterproof trousers and anorak and using an umbrella (normally its to windy ) then come home and clean and dry a big muddy dog. Have done it twice, one walk to go. Still once Im out I do love being in the fields or on the beach and wouldnt swop it! Besides it keeps me fit.

Talking about dogs I noticed today when I want my dog to actually do something I actually say please. Instinct I suppose its not as if I expect him to be polite.

A preacher in the US who was vehmently against gays has had to resign as he was caught using a internet site for gay sex. That is called “shitting in ones own nest” which I believe was originally a Shakespearean saying.

Humour The London underground was originally intended to terminate in Paris!

In Imperial Japan high born women peed standing up so they didnt crease their kimonos.

There are more libraries in Britains prisons than there are in its schools.

78% of Bulgarians never do any exercise. Lazy bastards!

David Cameron, ex PM, has announced he is giving up his seat in the House of Commons. He is writing his memoirs , which are expected to earn him in excess of £5 million and go on the speaking circuit which can pay up to £250K.a speech.He is to get a pension and expenses of over £100k to start up his own office. His wife is expected to start her own fashion design business so dont feel too sorry for him.

While on politics the number of MPs in the commons is expected to reduce to 600 with Labour likely to lose 1/2 of the seats, 25. It is an independent body so is fair. George Osborne and Jeremy Corbyn are expected to lose their seats which cant be a bad thing. But when are they going to do something about the House of Lords which now has 800 unelected members

Why are the USA lagging in the Paralympic medal table behind China, Uk and Ukraine and Russia aren’t even there. Do they not take it as seriously as the able bodied games?On that subject the guy who finished 9th in the Olympics is in line for the bronze medal in weight lifting as 6 of the men above him have failed drugs tests.


Poem attached                   mindblowing



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