Day has been hectic to say the least , in fact frantic.

Up at 6-15 Took my daughter to work as she is going to Amsterdam for a “hen party” straight from her school to airport. Walk dog, breakfast, go to creative writing class, walk dog again, man fixing broken oven, dog walk again go to pub and so to bed.

And Im supposed to be retired. In truth I have so much going on in my life I get less sleep than when I worked. The difference is I do what I want, when I want!

Do policemen in America ONLY shoot black men? From this side of the Atlantic it would appear so.

Brad and Angelina are getting divorced and will have to divide their £300 million fortune. But what about their kids, I hope they’re not going to be involved in a tug of war situation. And I hope they arent going to do the whole divorce thing in public. The money lets face it is easy but the turmoil in the kids lives is what they should be thinking about.

After being invaded by giant Spanish slugs we are being attacked by Asian hornets. These are nasty pieces of work as they bite off bee’s heads! They are already in the South of England and the Channel Islands but haven’t reached us in the North yet. Hopefully it will be too cold for them up here!!!!

Alastair Brownlee is my hero of the week. His brother Jonathon was leading the last triathalon of the year and would have won the World Series if he had not collapsed. His brother, who was fighting for second place picked him up and virtually carried him over the finishing line. Alastair had had a similar breakdown in a race in Hyde Park in 2010 so he had vowed to help anyone in trouble after nobody came to his assistance. It just so happened that his first opportunity to help anyone it was his own brother. True sportmanship!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a tree from the North East will win tree of the year. It is a sycamore on Hadrians Wall which starred in the film Robin Hood : Prince of Thieves co- starring with Kevin Cosner . It has turned over a new leaf and just wants to stand there looking pretty in future.

Humour Drinking wine before a meal makes you eat 25% more. Also classical music played in a restaurant increases the amount people spend on wine!

In the Himalayas the smoke from burning millipedes is used to treat haemorrhoids. I dont know if this means you you just hold your bare bottom above the fire or you let the smoke waft up your trousers or frock .

The most popular name for cows in Switzerland was Fiona. Sorry to any Fionas!

The only people who will be able to pay off student loans in full in future will be doctors or lawyers as the debt is cancelled after 30 years. Also only 50% is expected to be paid back. Universities have been allowed to increase their fees to £9250 pa this year so virtually every one has done so. So this will make matters worse. What a farce.

Speaking from a man’s point of view who thinks stick insect models are attractive? It it because clothes look better on them.Now dont get me wrong, I prefer slim women but who are slim because they exercise and eat healthy foods. I know it is wrong to associate fat people with greed but I do. I know some people are fat due to medical reasons but not the majority. Sorry again I should be using the term obese rather than fat.

Women in the middle neither fat nor skinny appear to me to be the most attractive. Average healthy women. I dont think Im alone in my thoughts.

Poem this week  attached        .letterbox



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