Frustrated because I see so many things in the world wrong and so called politicians do a lot of talking but never seem to achieve anything.

Ist example is Syria. the Russians and Syrians blame  the US and rebel fighters. They will not even allow aid convoys into Aleppo. In fact somebody bombed a convoy killed aid workers. The people who ordered the pilots to do that are war criminals not human being but animals and should be brought to justice. It appears at this point in time the object of the exercise is to kill all 250,000 people , inc women and children in East Aleppo so they wont oppose the Assad regime. Once he has killed all the opposition everything will be fine and everybody will agree with him. There are 35 doctors left in that area to look after those 250,000 people who are bombed everyday without being able to defend themselves. There was a very emotive film this week of children playing in a water filled bomb crater as if it was a swimming pool in a holiday resort. Those kids might be dead tomorrow! The Russians know Kerry will not be in office much longer so are not really negotiating with him properly. They are probably waiting and hoping that Trump becomes President. He hasn’t spoken about Syria at all so he is likely to say to the Russians just get on with what you are doing now. The UN had meeting about Syria last weekend and there was a lot of talking but of course no action. They are spineless safe in there own countries.

And while Im at it the US and Uk are supplying arms to Saudi Arabia who are using those weapons to bomb defenceless civilians in the Yemen. And what do we do ,? nothing of course, Saudi Arabia has a lot of oil!

I saw the televised meeting between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump this week. I thought Hillary talked some sense but I just cant believe Trump is going to be leader of the country that claims to be the leader of civilised society. Trump is just telling the people what they want to hear but how he can carry out some of the outrageous things he says he is going to do is a mystery.

Unfortunately this country is not a whole not better. Jeremy Corbyn the leader of the Labour is also promising the earth. His method of containing immigration seems to be that to absorb the unlimited numbers allowed to come in we build new schools hospitals, provide jobs to support the local communities where they choose to live. Unfortunately that costs money so we will borrow £ billion 500 to pay for all these ideas. Oh, and we will renationalise the railways. So his logic is that he is never going to be asked to form a government so can promise anything. I am a socialist always have been but to win elections you have to convince the floating voters of the merits of your cause. If you dont you dont get in. Oh and Labour contrived to lose Scotland to the SNP and will lose another 25 in the reorganisation of Commons seats. It would be difficult to win anyway without silly promises. Labour lost the last election because the electorate didnt trust them with the Economy. So Labour promises to borrow more. Ridiculous!

And so my final gripe is that Sam Allardyce , the England football manager lost his job because he was arrogant and greedy. Most of football is. Managers, agents and footballers are just like pig at the trough. Why anybody would be surprised that managers would take backhanders(bribes) Three apart from Allardyce would be Redknapp, Ferguson and Souness in particular come to mind and lots of smaller fish too. Sorry allegedly I dont know for certain

Sorry no humour this week but I promise things will be back to normal next week

Poem attached       gathering-dust


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