Fragile in the respect I have just returned from a funeral. Sorry, funeral is not the right word.It was a celebration of a friends life. It was a happy , funny mixed emotion occasion. Firstly I wont see him again and he was only 62 which is quite an early death by todays standards. But he had lived life to the full and a large number of people turned out to enjoy talking about him. HE would have enjoyed it. He was an archaeologist, but he made it fun. Plus he had a great sense of humour and was fun to be around. He and I shared similar interests. He was a socialist, agnostic, lover of the out doors and walking and loved dogs and our local beaches. Oh and was fond of a drink and was a big fan of our local football team Newcastle.  To sum him up the the songs chosen by him for this celebration were:-

Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel— Come up and see me.

Morecambe and Wise —-Bring me sunshine.

Roxy Music—- Avalon. (another word for Heaven)

Monty Python—- Always look on the bright side of life.

And the Newcastle United theme song “Local Hero” (from the film of the same name) by Mark Knofler of Dire Straits.

These songs show his sense of humour!

Bob Dylan has won the Nobel prize for Literature. A lot of his songs especially the early ones were poetry set to music, and good poetry at that. I have seem him live several times , from the original acoustic days to the present time. He is still touring at 75 but his voice has virtually gone now. He was the greatest influence of pop music from the early 60’s and really deserves this award.

I have started my preparations for walking the dog on the beach now that winter is nearly with us. I would recommend the following:-

Rub oneself with whale blubber, or if none available, lard.

Then wrap your body with aluminium foil followed by a layer of newspaper.

Repeat with another layer of each

Then thermal vest and trousers, or long johns are recommended.

Then put on your normal clothing and finally anorak or ski jacket and wind and waterproof trousers.

To complete wear wellington boots, balaclava (under hood of anorak or jacket)

Ski goggles, thermal base gloves and mittens are more efficient I find. I know this takes time but is guaranteed to keep you warm. OH, and dont forget the dog!

Se there is going to be a new series of Dallas. With Joan Collins 83,Linda Gray in her 70’s Stephanie Beacham the youngster of 69 it is going to be the first wheel chair based soap opera!

The new fashion trend is going to be military wear in browns and khaki.  they were fashionable when I was a kid in the 50’s.

Food sensation! The Queen last week had a Chicken Tikka Masala. Would you believe this is now the most popular British meal overtaking fish and chips. And it was invented in Glasgow.

And finally the latest craze in the UK is a plague of clowns. Apparently people dressed as clowns are hiding in bushes and jumping out and frightening passers by. Remember if this happens to you go for the Juggler!

Re my attached poem. The brief was to describe something 13 ways                  the-road



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