I cant believe how quickly the week has gone. Your parents tell you the older you get the quicker time appears to go. Believe me its true. But then somebody will ask you what have you done this week and I have been so busy I cant remember. So, time goes quicker cos you cant remember what the hell you have done. Thats logical!

While walking the dog this week I wondered how many many are happy with their first name. Now my name is Derek and its a bit old fashioned now but what did occur to me is that it is a name used in films, books and TV for nerds, losers and just generally inadequate people. It is never used for heros or really important people. sad really. I will hasten to add Im not really like other Dereks. Somebody called an elephant Derek once but Im not sure if thats a compliment or not.

Another thought I had this week was how can you describe colour to a person who has been blind from birth or equally music to a deaf person? Sorry Im being fundamental this week.

Another blogger I follow was thanking his 5000 followers this week. I started off by just writing for myself , just putting my thoughts out, not worrying about punctuation, spelling or even correcting mistakes. It is very therapeutic instead of the discipline of a poem or short story. I never set out to write for anyone else. You readers are a bonus which Im really grateful for. All 70 of you!!!!  Thanks, its just nice to know you’re there!

I really cant resist a good rant. Sharon Osborne spents £230,000 a year on flying her pet dogs round the world. now you or me wouldnt be allowed to take our on board but she is because they are”emotional support animals” Bollocks! This talentless woman is worth £180 million and is the wife of musician Ozzy Osborne who has difficulty in stringing two words together. She is paid £1.8 million for a series of British “X” factor as a critic. What is this world coming to?

Humour. Vikings who died in bed rather than in battle went to a special afterlife where it was always foggy. I wonder if it was called Whitley Bay?

Einsteins last words were spoken in German to a nurse who didn’t speak German and are lost forever. What an anti-climax!

The first t-shirt was aimed at bachelors who couldn’t sew on buttons.

Charles Darwin’s cousin Francis Galton invented underwater spectacles so he could read in the bath. I can only presume he had also invented underwater books too!

There has been a complaint by the author of the best selling book and film “Train spotting” that the people who awarded Bob Dylan his Nobel prize for Literature were “senile gibbering hippies” Irvine Welsh, the said author claims he was born in 1957 but official records say 1951 and apart from this one book Ive heard of, his claim to fame was he was previously in a punk band called the “Pubic Lice” I rest my case.

Poem attached                  the-rite-of-right-writing







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