Walking my dog seems to be taking longer and longer. And its almost dark in the mornings and evenings now. He insists on sniffing every blade of grass and going up to every other dog and person we see. It’s great that he’s friendly but when you’re in a hurry it’s pain. He is a treat detector dog (labrador) and if someone has given him a treat he will approach them everytime he sees them in the future.Embarrassing but I suppose it’s better than biting them.

Oh by the way somebody has come up with the statistic that 40% of people with dogs never walk them!

Read this week about the 52 year old man disqualified from driving for the 61st time.  He got 4 months (will only serve 2) in prison, the fourth time he has been sent down. He has been caught for drink driving 10 times. The court could have banned him from driving for life but he has only been banned for 10 years. Ridiculous!

Apparently cod have regional accents (Ok make different noises) depending where they come from.Thus fish caught off Cornwall, Northumberland and Scotland all sound different. Don’t know if it will stop them breeding with each other though!!!

Mariah Carey has been dumped by her fiancee James Packer. Don’t be too upset she has been allowed to keep her engagement ring. Worth £8million pounds would you believe.

David Cameron will receive an advance of £800,ooo to write  his memoirs. Small fry considering Tony Blair  got 4 million  pounds and Margaret Thatcher £3.5. Shows   where he stands in scheme of things. Wonder if it will be called”Poor Little Rich Boy”

So Russia is sending more planes and soldiers to Syria to bomb Aleppo no doubt.

Their only aircraft carrier (30 years old, and billowing smoke) looks as if it is falling apart but it is carrying more planes. When will the UN do something. All they do is talk and tell Putin not to do things. He takes absolutely no notice and carries on bombing. The rest of the world is frightened of him. He just does what he likes whatever the West thinks. And children die everyday. Its obscene.

Humour In most countries the most popular programme is “the Weather Forecast”

Google and yahoo both use goats to trim their lawns.

The Burmese sneezing monkey sneezes uncontrollably when it rains. Good job it doesn’t live in England then.

5% of cats are allergic to humans.

Napoleon, Mussolini and Hitler were all scared of cats. Why don’t we plant cats in the Kremlin then?

Re Heath Row 4th runway which was agreed by the  last Labour government about 7 years ago then cancelled by David Cameron is now again having a years consultation period to see if it should go ahead. An optimistic view is that it will be finished by 2029.

Talk about taking your time. Make your mind up , please!

An airline has won the right to weigh passengers before take off to save fuel and for safety reasons. So they could spread the weight more evenly. I’d go further and weigh everyone with their luggage. They would then pay according to the total weight they are taking on the plane. That would give people a good reason to diet.

Poem this attached.—alone




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