Well I suspect most of us were wrong. The Trumpmeister won. So there are I suspect lots of winners and losers.

On the happy side are USA gun owners, men who have lost manufacturing jobs, racists, sexists, bankers, protectionists and right wing extremists, Russians inc Putin. probably NATO, anti abortionists


Losers are women, Hispanics especially Mexicans, Muslims, Chinese exporters, possibly gays, health care reformists, immigrants , supporters of climate change.

He is supported by a majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives so will find getting legislation through much much easier than Obama.

However he cannot pay for everything he said he was going to do so will have to water a lot of things down. We will have to wait and see what he does in the future. He is a pretty horrible individual but what it all depends what ACTIONS he takes in the future. The major problem is that he is probably now the most powerful man in the world and if he is as protectionist for the USA as he claims there could be worldwide repercussions. Putin may be allowed to do what he likes. He already totally ignores the rest of the world in Syria but he may become even more aggressive in the Baltic states and Ukraine.

There is however a message that comes across from this election which has followed on from our own “Brexit” vote. The ordinary man in the street does not trust mainline polictians of the old established parties. There now exists an anti establishment lobby which is likely to grow substantially.

Humour  When the infant Mozart first rose to prominence people thought he was a dwarf in disguise. As a child he was terrified of trumpets

Bananas have more trade regulations than the AK-47 gun and I,m willing to bet they haven’t killed as many people!!!!

A woman who is bitten by a cat has a 50% chance of being diagnosed with depression.

Ps If you are bitten by a red squirrel it can give you leprosy.

Colonel Sanders’s career as a lawyer came to an end when he assaulted his own client in court. Good job he had Kentucky Fried Chicken to fall back on!!!!

Congrats Andy Murray. World no.1 in tennis, but depending on the end of season tournament starting tomorrow he may lose it again. Enjoy while yo can.

Can you F**king believe it. Experts say women now swear more than men. Women now say f*** 546 times per million words compared to men at 540 per million. But who the F*** counted them?

A lady this week was fined £25 for littering when she threw a chip to a pigeon. I’m surprised the pigeon didn’t eat the evidence!

I wonder if Mike from “Suits” knows his wife Rachel is seeing our Prince Harry. He should,  our papers are absolutely full of it.

Poem this week attached    ghosts


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