To people who are retired Monday is a good day! No particular Monday morning feeling as you dont go to work. It is easier to go shopping and the roads and buses and local trains are quieter as long as you avoid rush hour. But the biggest pleasure for me is walking my dog on a quiet beach. Everyone who has a dog seems they need to walk it on the beach at a weekend. I dont people blame for it, they cant always do it during the week, but it is just lovely having a large beach to ones self.

Anyway the reason for my blog being on a Monday is that I have been on holiday. I went to Lisbon and Porto in Portugal and the mighty Madrid in Spain. Lisbon is a very pleasant city but Porto, which is a lot smaller, is just simply stunning. I really recommend a visit. And Madrid is full of beautiful buildings and art galleries. Two of the bigger galleries I visited, the Del Prado and the Thyssen-Bornemizsa are huge and it would take days to see all the exhibits! It is apparent Madrid was hugely wealthly in the past if not so much now. Three great cities.

I have just looked through the Sunday papers and there is no mention of Syria and Aleppo in particular. Obviously the world has given up and Assad supported by Russia has now almost regained control. And where was the UN. Oh, well, they are still talking!  Yet again Putin just does what he likes. And it may well be that Trump will allow him to do more of what he likes in the future. It is always said that the President of the USA is the most powerful man in the world but is that true any more?

Fidel Castro died over the weekend. Apparently he had 20 luxury homes, a private island, a 88 ft yacht and a large number of mistresses, whilst most Cubans lived in poverty. Communism at its best!!!!!!

HUMOUR Scatomancy is telling the future by looking at turds!

Prisoners on Alcatraz always had hot showers so they didnt get acclimatised to cod water and try to escape by swimming.

Human rights were invented in Iran but us British invented the concentration camp!

It has been a bad week for the royal family. Firstly a traffic warden gave parking tickets to two vehicles unloading Xmas tree decorations  for the Queen at Windsor Castle. And Prince Harrys Navy ship wouldnt start. Luckily Harry was in the Carribean and so just went off to a nearby island for a picnic.

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