For the small number of you that missed last Friday’s blog I’m afraid due to technical difficulties I was off the air. I had an apparently important part replaced, the hard drive. But luckily the computer doctor was able to save the stored information so I’m hopefully back in full action.

Quite a bit has happened since I last posted. One of the things that caught my eye was the Minister for Health, Jeremy Hunt,  had had a revolutionary thought that  Doctors and Nurses might know a bit about the nations health and might even be intelligent enough to run it!

Also a new apprenticeship scheme to train nurses is to commence. This means young budding nurses will actually be trained in hospitals rather than do a 3 year University course before even setting foot in a hospital. The former is the system my sister went through 50 years ago. So not quite new!

Mr Hunt has been the minister since 2012 .4 years to think of some common sense. Well done!

David Cameron, anybody remember him, said net immigration figures would be less than 100,000 several years ago. They are now 335,000. His side kick, George Osborne expected our national debt would be paid off 2 years ago but now it will be by 2023.

And the government under the plastic Margaret Thatcher has a huge lead in the polls. Why? Because there is no viable  opposition. Sorry not true, David Davies, Boris the Clown, Liam the sly Fox and Michael the dwarf Gove  , from her own party are giving  her enough trouble.

HUMOUR Grapples are apples that taste like grapes.

Nick Clegg ex Deputy Prime Minister once did community service for setting fire to a rare cactus collection while drunk on a school trip. Now thay’s my kind of politician!

Sweden makes biofuel from dead rabbits

The Greek God Alas had an aunt called Doris. Of course he did!

Most people in the 18th century only had a proper wash twice a year. Presumably whether they needed it or not.

Great News!!!! Jaguar are going to double the number of cars it makes in this country. Jaguar are part of the Jaguar Landrover group. Pity it is now an Indian owned company then!

Foreign owned as are British Energy, British Plaster boards, British Airports Authority, Associated British ports, british Oxygen, British Nuclear fuels and British Steel.Oh and just yesterday 2/3rds the National Grid which controls our gas supply. And we are all waitng to see if our Stock Exchange will be German controlled soon.

Apparently the Royal family are next . Anybody need a second hand Queen?

Does anyone know the top three passwords used for various functions, 123456, password and wecome. So be warned!

Most people would imagine the UK is right up there for a good education so it came a bit of a shock to find out the following:-

In maths we are 27th in the world list, 21st in reading and 15th in science.

Singapore leads the way in all three. Personally I find it a national disgrace and we need to improof it rapidly!

Xmas poem attached. Hope you like it                       christmas-wish




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