I cant believe its friday again. The weeks just seem to fly by especially approaching Xmas. Tree up , house decorated, Xmas cards sent, most presents bought and some of the food for the Xmas day meal in the freezer.So nearly there.

The first funny this week is that the Minister of Transport was reported to have knocked someone off their bike into a lampost a few weeks ago. Apparently he thinks cyclists in cities are a bit of a nuisance but it really isnt a good policy to knock them off their bikes!!!!

Hackney council in London will fine people who sleep rough £100 and if they dont pay it goes up to a £1000. Suely they are sleeping rough because they havent got any money so thats really going to solve the problem? Why dont they just throw them in  bin lorries and dump them on rubbish tips.Would it not actually be easier to try and solve the problem long term and help them find homes, jobs and try to help with mental problems and addictions!

Which leads me onto what is happiness. It is according to a survey good mental health and enjoying social relationships. Poverty or unemployment are lesser reasons mental illness is the biggest. My only worry is that the people who carry out surveys are not poor are employed (obviously ) and hopefully dont have mental illness!

1000’s of people in the Yemen are beoing killed by armaments manufactured in the UK.The Government are now talking about whether to continue supplying Saudi Arabia with these arms. They actually cant decide which committee makes the decision. In the meantime more Yemenese will die. And why such a delay . OH . Saudi Arabia spentds billions of pounds on these arms and by the way they have lots of oil!!!!!!!

HUMOUR  In 1907, Australian dancer Victor Goulet had one of his Achilles tendons replaced with a wallaby’s. They couldnt believe how high he could jump.                                                 The Anna’s hummingbird chirps with its bottom.

When the first Mcdonalds drive- through in Kuwait opened the queue was 7 miles long. They must have been hungry by the time they were served!

The dark side of the moon is turquoise!

1/3 of tods crossing roads are fatally run over.

What a shambles. Bob Dylan couldn’t attend to receive his Nobel prize so Patti Smith attended on his behalf. She was due to sing “A hard rains A gonna fall” one of his most famous songs. Unfortunately she couldn’t remember the words!

What luck.

A retired doctor discovered among a pile of old papers a previously unknown Leonardo da Vinci sketch.It sold for £12.6 million at auction.

What a fantastic TV series Planet Earth  2 has been. The camerera work was incredible And its hard to believe Sir David Attenborough who does the commentary is 90. TV at its best.

And the late news  is that the sale of whole  geese is likely to overtake whole turkey as the bird of choice for Xmas dinner this year.

Does anyone know what the most popular meal in Japan on Xmas day is. Give yourself a pat on the head if you knew if was Kentucky Fried Chicken!

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