Its the first friday of the new year. I always have a sense of optimism and and look forward to future opportunities. I have a fresh sense of hope not just for myself but things in the world generally. Those worldwide hopes tend to be dashed pretty quickly but i believe you should always look forward never backward. I believe you should have no regrets about the past. They are gone and you cant relive them. You should learn from your mistakes , however and try not to do them again.

This is my last blog for three weeks as I’m off to Vietman next week. I’ve always wanted to visit that area. It is said to be very beautiful and the people are considered to be very friendly. They certainly have had more than their share of troubles in the past. I also love their food.

I know this is going to be controversial but why is it that most of the wars and conflicts currently happening are as a result of religion. Im a Christian I suppose . That is what I was brought up as. But I’m an agnostic which means i dont know if their is a God or no. I dont disbelieve I just need it to be proven. The reason I dont know is that my son died as a result of an accident at 18. If there is a God why didnt he take me when I’d had 50-odd years rather than my son. I dont understand that.

The other thing I dont understand is that each religion has a God, it may even be the same God in different that is worshipped in a different way. Now most religions claim their God is good and Forgiving and peace-loving. So why cant these Gods get together and stop these killings in their name. There are even sects in the same religion killing each other. It just doesnt make sense. I dont believe violence against each other convinces the other side their argument is right. The only way is to talk to each other face to face.

I need some HUMOUR now.

The last woman in England tried for witchcraft was convicted as recently as 1944.

Hurricanes with female names are much deadlier than ones named after men.

In Turkey the word for “turkey” means Indian bird. In India the word for “turkey” means Peruvian bird. In Greece the word for “turkey” means French bird and in Malaysia the word for “turkey” means Dutch chicken.

The actress January Jones claims her son is better off not having a father. Of course she is wrong. Some fathers ARE bad fathers as are some mothers but children are better being raised by both parents.

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