I just can’t believe how quickly time goes. Days flash over and its.another Friday but if someone asks me what I,ve done this week I cant remember. I have to look in my diary. I’d be lost without a diary, so looking back on a typical week this is what I did.

FRIDAY– Creative writing course, pre theatre meal and Hedda Gabler by Ibsen At Northern Stage, Newcastle.

SATURDAY–Write poem, blog, watch sport.

SUNDAY– Very boring, loads of ironing, still catching up from holiday, Dinner at my daughters, Pub at night where a group of 6 old men argue about anything and everything!

MONDAY– Weekly supermarket shopping, lunch at local Pub with family, man doing survey for window replacement. Football match in evening In Newcastle. Won 2-0 back to top of the table!

TUESDAY–Meeting re Archaeology Group I run jointly. Quiz at night in local pub. We won by 4 points. Winnings £18 between 5 of us.

WEDNESDAY– Pick up daughters dog who is staying with me this week while my daughter is away. Meeting re computerisation of systems for the U3A group I’m in.

THURSDAY– Office work re the different groups I’m in.

So thats the week except there are also 3 walks a day fo my dog lasting about 2 and a half hours a day including a beach walk most days.

So I suppose it’s not bad for a 71 year living on his who does all his own cooking (cook a proper dinner everyday) and housework!!!!!!!!

HUMOUR   Potato aphids will not have sex if they detect a drop in air pressure. OK but why?

Whales can’t taste anything but salt. It’s hardly surprising when they live in the bloody stuff!

The largest bra size is 48V. I wouldn’t like to meet her!!!!

A planet called HD 189733b, 63 light years from Earth, is lashed by rain made of molten glass and 4,000 mph winds and we thought storm”Doris” was bad!

I cant remember if I have used this before so if I have I apologise. The top two passwords are would you believe 123456 and password. Third is welcome and fifth is abc123. I think even I could crack them!

I used to have quite a lot to say about Donald Trump but Im really quite speechless now.  The media must love him, he gives them stories virtually everyday. And if he disagrees with what they say he dismisses it as “Fake news” Where this will all end nobody knows including Donald trump.

I’m inherently a Labour supporter, a Socialist or I now suspect a Social Democrat. I wanted Labour to lose both the bi-elections we had in this country yesterday. How do I reconcile the two things. Well if we had lost them both  Jeremy Corbyn might have resigned, but winning one of them seems he is now trying to cling on to the leadership. If anybody believes Labour can get back into power or even put up a credible opposition under him they are living in cloud cuckoo land. The fact is, whether people like it or not , is that only a middle of the road , slightly left of centre Labour party will achieve anything. The ultra left wing Labour party is a thing of the past. How Jeremy Corbyn can justify his leadership baffles me.

Finally I’ve come to the conclusion that the British people would much rather A British Government waste their money than a European one. And the British Government are doing an excellent job of wasting money now even before we get back control of the European funds!!!!!!

POEM attached       an-object-of-desire


For some reason the older I get the busier I become. As I hope most of you realise I try to this blog every Friday but because so many other things crop up I find it difficult to stick to it. I do a lot of educational stuff, two classes for creative writing, I lead a class for archaeology, pyschology, the natural world and theatre group and Im now the vice chairman of a thing called the U3A (the University of the Third Age) This is a educational organisation for older people to keep learning.

And as I’ve mentioned before I walk my dog about 2 and a half hours a day, mainly on the beach. He is a treat detector dog (Labrador to you) My walks take an exceptionally long as he has to say hullo to all other dogs and people (especially those carrying treats). Sniff every lamppost, wall, fence tree and every blade of grass. Labradors are ultra friendly and as I’ve said in the past if a burglar came to my house with some food Bruce would carry the “swag” bag with my stuff in it for them. Having said that Labradors are ultra friendly and fantastic with kids. They tend not to have a bad bone in their body(to coin a phrase) I think dogs and to a lesser extent cats can have a huge therapeutic affect on their owners and people they come into contact with. My dog is happy as long as he gets plenty of excercise is fed regularly and comes into contact with people and other dogs. The rest of the time he is asleep!

This country and I suspect most others countries, is totally unequal. The government claim that everything is going swimmingly and house prices are going up and unemployment is coming down.The exact opposite is the case in the forgotten Northeast of England. Unemployment went up last month and house prices are forecast to fall in my area in the next year. The truth is that the South of England continues to prosper but the North is allowed to wither. the trouble is a Tory government doesn’t care about this region it votes predominantly labour and the so called opposition party (labour) also dont care because they take us for granted. The Northern Powerhouse , thats a joke. If it does exist it stops at Manchester (and not the one by the Sea!)

Humour. Yahoo is an acronym for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle” not a lot of people realise that!

All the ants in the world weigh about the same as all the people but did you realise ants don’t have ears.

Aristotle thought small penises were better becuse semen got cold in large ones!

When Danes pose for photos they say orange, the Chinese say aubergine and the Germans say ant shit!

Poem attached           terror



Well, Ive been away for various reasons for four weeks and Id love to think you,ve missed me. (wishful thinking) Anyway Ive a sttory to tell. I went to Vietnam for a fortnights holiday. I would recommend the country to everyone. It is simply stunning. I tavelled from Hanoi in the North taking in the coast at Halong Bay then down to Danang, Hoi An and Hue then south to Ho Chi Min City (Saigon) and the Mekong Delta.

Hanoi is the capital, 10 million people, 5 million motor bikes and scooters and you cant see the sun for the pollution. Still a very interesting place to visit. Kalong Bay is nothing like Ive ever seen. Hundred of stand alone limestone islands . It was very misty when we sailed through them and it made for an even greater sense of mystery. It was beautiful.

Then into the middle of Vietnam flying about 700 miles to Danang a modern thriving young city and probably my favourite place Hoi An and the historical Hue, the old capital.

Then another 700 mile flight down to Ho Chi Min. By the way the weather in Hanoi was jeans, jumpers and coats and then Hoi An shorts and shirts and in the south flip flops , shorts and T shirts. Inother words cool, warm and pleasant then hot and uncomfortably humid. Saigon is a much more pleasant city than Hanoi, More French influence more affluence but with similar pollution problems. The Mekong Delta is a step back in time where the poor people are still poor.

All in  all varied and beautiful country. But the people are just the kindest, happy attractive people i have ever come across. They are just so friendly. And the food is delicious. Fresh and appetising.

There were however two down sides to the visit. Firstly ive just told you how friendly the people are. And this is despite what has happened to them in the last 40-odd years.

They were invaded by the French, then the Japanese, then the French again, the Americans then had a 3 year civil war. The Americans in particular sprayed 12,000 sq miles of forest with chemicals such as napalm and the infamous Agent Orange. As they found it difficult to kill an enemy who hid underground they decided to kill all the vegatation so they had nothing to live on. Eventually the Americans realised this was a war they couldnt win they they packed up and went home. Unfortunately they left 200,000 Vietnamese maimed disfigured or producing deformed children due to the effects of these chemicals ,mainly Agent Orange. It will affect them for another two generations.

The vietnamese sued the Americans but lost as the Geneva Disarmament Convention states that if an opposing army uses foliage to conceal or camouflage combatants or conceal military objectives the attacking army can use what ever it wants to destroy the foliage.

The Americans however compensated thier own War Veterans who handled the stuff!!!!!!

Sad really, but the amazing thing is the Vietnamese do not seem bitter about it.

The other down side i found was that it is a typical Communist country in that it is totally corrupt. If you are a member of the party you can become rich but if not you will be held back

And finally my own little story. Half way through the holiday I became ill as it turned out later, campylobacter causing food poisoning. But as we were travelling around a lot all I could do was use Immodium, Dyoralite and indigestion remedies to keep me going. Ad it turned out my diarrhoea lasted nearly two weeks and i lost 8/9 pounds in weight. To make matters worse because my resistance was low I  contracted an ear and chest infection . It is only in the last few days Im recovering.

So an evenful trip. Ok I was ill for some of the time but if you ever get the chance visit Vietnam. It is just a stunning experience.

Poem attached     time-stood-still