For some reason the older I get the busier I become. As I hope most of you realise I try to this blog every Friday but because so many other things crop up I find it difficult to stick to it. I do a lot of educational stuff, two classes for creative writing, I lead a class for archaeology, pyschology, the natural world and theatre group and Im now the vice chairman of a thing called the U3A (the University of the Third Age) This is a educational organisation for older people to keep learning.

And as I’ve mentioned before I walk my dog about 2 and a half hours a day, mainly on the beach. He is a treat detector dog (Labrador to you) My walks take an exceptionally long as he has to say hullo to all other dogs and people (especially those carrying treats). Sniff every lamppost, wall, fence tree and every blade of grass. Labradors are ultra friendly and as I’ve said in the past if a burglar came to my house with some food Bruce would carry the “swag” bag with my stuff in it for them. Having said that Labradors are ultra friendly and fantastic with kids. They tend not to have a bad bone in their body(to coin a phrase) I think dogs and to a lesser extent cats can have a huge therapeutic affect on their owners and people they come into contact with. My dog is happy as long as he gets plenty of excercise is fed regularly and comes into contact with people and other dogs. The rest of the time he is asleep!

This country and I suspect most others countries, is totally unequal. The government claim that everything is going swimmingly and house prices are going up and unemployment is coming down.The exact opposite is the case in the forgotten Northeast of England. Unemployment went up last month and house prices are forecast to fall in my area in the next year. The truth is that the South of England continues to prosper but the North is allowed to wither. the trouble is a Tory government doesn’t care about this region it votes predominantly labour and the so called opposition party (labour) also dont care because they take us for granted. The Northern Powerhouse , thats a joke. If it does exist it stops at Manchester (and not the one by the Sea!)

Humour. Yahoo is an acronym for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle” not a lot of people realise that!

All the ants in the world weigh about the same as all the people but did you realise ants don’t have ears.

Aristotle thought small penises were better becuse semen got cold in large ones!

When Danes pose for photos they say orange, the Chinese say aubergine and the Germans say ant shit!

Poem attached           terror


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