I just can’t believe how quickly time goes. Days flash over and its.another Friday but if someone asks me what I,ve done this week I cant remember. I have to look in my diary. I’d be lost without a diary, so looking back on a typical week this is what I did.

FRIDAY– Creative writing course, pre theatre meal and Hedda Gabler by Ibsen At Northern Stage, Newcastle.

SATURDAY–Write poem, blog, watch sport.

SUNDAY– Very boring, loads of ironing, still catching up from holiday, Dinner at my daughters, Pub at night where a group of 6 old men argue about anything and everything!

MONDAY– Weekly supermarket shopping, lunch at local Pub with family, man doing survey for window replacement. Football match in evening In Newcastle. Won 2-0 back to top of the table!

TUESDAY–Meeting re Archaeology Group I run jointly. Quiz at night in local pub. We won by 4 points. Winnings £18 between 5 of us.

WEDNESDAY– Pick up daughters dog who is staying with me this week while my daughter is away. Meeting re computerisation of systems for the U3A group I’m in.

THURSDAY– Office work re the different groups I’m in.

So thats the week except there are also 3 walks a day fo my dog lasting about 2 and a half hours a day including a beach walk most days.

So I suppose it’s not bad for a 71 year living on his who does all his own cooking (cook a proper dinner everyday) and housework!!!!!!!!

HUMOUR   Potato aphids will not have sex if they detect a drop in air pressure. OK but why?

Whales can’t taste anything but salt. It’s hardly surprising when they live in the bloody stuff!

The largest bra size is 48V. I wouldn’t like to meet her!!!!

A planet called HD 189733b, 63 light years from Earth, is lashed by rain made of molten glass and 4,000 mph winds and we thought storm”Doris” was bad!

I cant remember if I have used this before so if I have I apologise. The top two passwords are would you believe 123456 and password. Third is welcome and fifth is abc123. I think even I could crack them!

I used to have quite a lot to say about Donald Trump but Im really quite speechless now.  The media must love him, he gives them stories virtually everyday. And if he disagrees with what they say he dismisses it as “Fake news” Where this will all end nobody knows including Donald trump.

I’m inherently a Labour supporter, a Socialist or I now suspect a Social Democrat. I wanted Labour to lose both the bi-elections we had in this country yesterday. How do I reconcile the two things. Well if we had lost them both  Jeremy Corbyn might have resigned, but winning one of them seems he is now trying to cling on to the leadership. If anybody believes Labour can get back into power or even put up a credible opposition under him they are living in cloud cuckoo land. The fact is, whether people like it or not , is that only a middle of the road , slightly left of centre Labour party will achieve anything. The ultra left wing Labour party is a thing of the past. How Jeremy Corbyn can justify his leadership baffles me.

Finally I’ve come to the conclusion that the British people would much rather A British Government waste their money than a European one. And the British Government are doing an excellent job of wasting money now even before we get back control of the European funds!!!!!!

POEM attached       an-object-of-desire

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