I know I have failed yet again! When I first started my blog I intended to publish every friday and I’m failing more often than not. I’m ashamed I like to stick to my word. I’m just so busy, i seem to be continually overtaken by events. It’s been another busy week.My dog Bruce hurt himself on the beach. I think he pulled a muscle in his neck. If you saw him chasing a ball on the beach you wouldn’t be surprised. He sprints after it and flings himself in the air if necessary. But he’s a Labrador weighing in at 42 kg (92lbs) so he is not the most agile of beasts. Just very willing! It was the week end so I couldn’t take him to the vets so I gave him “Calpol” which is a mild painkiller supposed to be used for young children (some vets recommend it as it a lot cheaper than “Metacam” the pets equivalent. It seemed to work anyway . He limped for a few days but is back to normal now.

I missed the backlash of the by elections last week. Theresa May now claims the Conserative party are the “Workers Party”. That just shows the arrogance of the woman. As I referred to her before “The plastic Margaret Thatcher” The trouble is that Margaret Thatcher did actually have a sense of humour something you could never accuse Theresa May of! The best thing that did come out of those elections is that the British Nationalist Party (better known as UKIP) is finished. Stoke on Trent should have been an ideal seat for them to win. They will never win anything now and will be irrevant when we come out of Europe. While I disagreed with virtually everything Nigel Farage stood for at least he had some personality . This Paul Nuttall , the new leader is useless.

The worst thing that came out of it was the pathetic reaction of Labour leader who lost a seat after 80 years. In fact you may ask , what reaction?

HUMOUR -Pee Cola is a popular soft drink in Ghana!  In China Burger King sell PooPoo Smoothies. I think they sell them here too !

The world’s largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton is called Sue. Thats funny my ex-wife is called Sue!!!!!!

Japan has twice as many bank holiday as the UK including “Greenery Day” and “Respect for the Aged Day” (I’m all for that)

Workers in the public sector have a cap of 1% on wages but MP’s are to receive 1.4% and senior judges will receive rises of 11%. Well thats equality for you!

Has Donald Trump been ill? He hasn’t been in the News (at least in the UK) for a couple of days.

And finally I thought the Oscar awards were better this year. At least they got the winning picture wrong that was fun. I did notice we had the first Muslim winner and there seemed to quite a lot more black people winning things. Things are moving in the right direction despite Mr. Trump!

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