Ok its not Friday, I know . This weeks excuse it that I had most of the windows in my house replaced and it just wasnt possible to write when the work was going on and my dog excited because he thought they were just here to entertain him! If you are going to have a reason, ok, excuse, it might as well be a big one as I would expect these windows will last the rest of my life. Unless of, course I move house!

I have a suspicion that spring is almost upon us. Today, Sunday, everyone who has a dog and lives within 20 miles of my local beach decided to walk their dog there. Luckily it was low tide so there was a reasonable amount of space. That was the first sign, secondly geese have been flying overhead in large numbers on their way to their summer feeding grounds. And thirdly there is blossom on trees and flowers are now coming out in abubdance. But have you ever noticed weeds grow faster than plants!

Many , many years ago I went to a Grammar school. My family were working class and I lived in a council house. Grammar school education was decided at 11, but there were opportunities at 13, 15 and 16 for the slower developers to enter later. It was open to all. It was then decided education should  be more open and the better scholars in the system would mix with the lesser ones and the general standards would improve. A lot of Grammar schools were slosed. Exactly the opposite happened!. As the slower learners put more demands on the system they actually dragged the general standard down. However successive governments had they own ideas what was best so the educations systems have changed on a regular basis, generally for the worst. So after fifty odd years since I went to school the latest idea is to open more Grammar schools.

As some of you will know I am a socialist and didnt believe in private education. However I paid for my son to go to the best boys school in the North east of England, Newcastle Royal Grammar school of the few left in the country after the purge. Ok it was against my principles but I felt it was my responsibility as a parent to give my son the best education possible. Actually it was more than that, they were also very disciplined , had the best sports facilities and had a lot of out of school activities. I have never regretted my decsion!

Humour.    Archibald Clark West, the inventor of Doritos, had them sprinkled on his grave. And I always thought they were a Mexican snack!

Did you know a 12.5 stone man contains 110,000 calories. Is that if we eat him. Oh, and by the way cannibalism in the Uk is apparently legal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The record number of live gold fish swallowing at a single system is 210.

And did you know the perfect coffee should consist of 17.42 units of water for every unit of coffee. Must try it sometime .

POEM (or PROSE whatever you want to call it)             ONLY




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