Do you remember the two little rich boys who decided to have a referendum on Europe. They lost but did they really ! George Osborne is still an MP but has now taken on other jobs to suppliment his income. He will receive £650,000 a year for one day a week working for Blackrock Investments, earned £786,000 from 14 speeches and today it has been announced he will be Editor of the london Evening Standard, but will continue as an MP. On top of being part of the family business. So he’s doing ok. As is his friend David Cameron who is earning a crust by speech making and is receiving several million pound advance for his memoirs.( This was the football fan by the way who got mixed whether he supports Aston Villa or West Ham because they play in the same colours)

Yes, they are doing well but I’m aware they have got someway to go to catch up with Tony Blair.

So the arrogant Phillip Hammond had a good laugh while delivering his Budget speech last week. What a shame he had to back down from one of his main policies a week later!

Crufts is the annual dog show whereby dogs are dressed up to look like dolls or young children. The winner this year of the working dog section then the overall champion was an American spaniel. It’s hair and make-up were immaculate but I doubt it’s ever seen a field never mind a rabbit or bird. Dogs are outdoor animals who love chasing things and take great delight in getting dirty. It is amazing how even if there is only one puddle on the fields they will drink out out of it then wallow in it. For some reason my dog loves to be on his back. On the fields as I say, on the beach to dry himself after coming out the sea and later when he is asleep.

But back to Crufts the section where they have to run through obstacles, over jumps and through pipes against the clock is fantastic to watch.

Humour—–Until January 2013 it was illegal for women in Paris to wear trousers.

Is a fact that people will gamble more if they are holding a crocodile.

The most common grade awarded at Harvard is an “A”. No surprise there.

Elizabeth the first invented ginger bread men!

The latest McLaren sports car the 720S costing approx £200,000 each says “Hello” when the driver gets in it. It’s the least it should do. Oh, it can also do 212mph as well!

Did you know you can now buy cans of pure oxygen(O2) at £10 for a 22oz can.

If any one cares to come on the beach with me they can get ozone (O3) for nothing..

Finally Yellow is the colour of the season . I won’t be wearing it , it clashes with my eyes.

Humorous Poem (I hope) attached                                                  NO OSCARS FOR ME




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