It’s been a difficult week. The lone terrorist in London creates chaos with a car and a couple of kitchen knives. Just shows you dont need bombs or guns to kill people. In fact how can you protect the population against thing like that. It is important we are able to move around freely (within reason) in a democracy or the terrorists have won. The big difficulty is getting the balance right between security and freedom. We mustnt overreact in these circumstances. I suspect it is actually about right. Ok we may need to tinker with present arrangements but ultimately how can we stop bad people from using cars, buses, lorries to kill. We cant stop them using busy places. Its almost impossible.

Another difficult subject was the death of Martin McGuiness, the one time IRA leader and probably multiple killer. He believed he was a soldier, a freedom fighter. Others believe he was a mass murderer. but the fact is there would not have been a peace process but for him. The hard liners of the Provisional IRA would only  follow him. Not Gerry Adams or anyone else. The most extreme politician on the Prostestant side was the so-called religious man the Rev. Ian Paisley, who at one time stated  “he wouldnt be happy until all Catholics were driven from the 6 counties of Northern Ireland.” They actually became friends and were nicknamed the “Chuckle Bros”. If they could work together surely it was a good thing. Yes, Martin McGuiness was a bad man but did a lot of good in later life. Is that not better than a good man becoming evil ?

How can U-tube justify using adverts from blue chip companies alongside videos showing extreme violence, bigotry, racism. If they cant stop it themselves it should be done for them.

Gwyneth Paltrow says we shouldnt eat octopuses because “they are too smart”. Ive got a better reason. They taste pretty awful!

HUMOUR Americans eat three times as much cheese today as they did in 1970 but they eat nine times as much broccoli as they did in then. Is that good or bad?

Did you know Leo Fender couldnt play the guitar.

Edward Elgar was the band master in a lunatic asylum. Actually I quite like his music!

Did you know the USA doubled in size in 1983 when Ronald Reagan expanded their coastal waters from 30 to 200 nautical miles!

Medical science has now stated while we shouldnt smoke, we should eat sensibly, exercise the main reason we get cancer is just bad luck.

Most popular dog in the uk will soon be the French bulldog overtaking the labrador. But what will happen when we come out of Europe will they all be sent home?

Inflation is now 2.3% and likely to rise in the future. The Government has issued a National savings bond which pays 2.2% p.a. Which they think is a good deal. After 3 years you will be worse off in real terms. Eh!

Watched “Lion” this week. Terrific film based on a true story. Have to admit I shed a tear when he met his mum. Yet again it just goes to show some of the best films an books are based on fact not fiction.

Poem attached.                                         WHO KNOWS


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