This week has been a beautiful week, cold at night but sunny during the day. No rain whatsoever which is unusual for England in April. As I walked the beach one day this week I thought (hence beach thoughts) those of you who have dogs will understand, it was a day we deserve.

We walk in all weathers and most dogs are not interested whether we have snow wind rain. They just want to be out. We wear the appropriate clothes but some days it is a chore to be out in torrential rain, a snowstorm or a bitter wind (in my case straight from the Arctic. So during the nice days it becomes a pleasure. We deserve the good days because we have earned them. It is just wonderful to walk on a sunny day on an empty beach, but I might be strange but there is also a great satisfaction on arriving home on the awful days. We have done our duty to our dog.

I got one of those activity tracking things for Xmas, mine’s a Garmin but there are lots of others on the market. I apparently walk at least 7 miles a day including a mile before breakfast. Thats what a dog does for you. Just read today half of women and a third of British men walk less than half a mile a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So a Spanish matador got himself gored this week. He’s not dead but just injured especially his pride. Well he should not have tangled with a half maimed angry bull should he? Serves him right. Even thought my favourite author Ernest Hemingway tries to justify bull fighting in his book “Death in the Afternoon” it is just cruel and should be banned.

Apparently there is a cancer risk from a chemical used in potato crisps. You could be in danger if you eat 25 packets every day!

Dog yawns are infectious! Hamsters can only blink eye at a time.

2.8 million American dogs are on antidepressants.

Scotland is (sorry has) the biggest bog in Europe

People who believe in luck are luckier than those who don’t!

So Russia is not immune to terror attacks. Eleven were killed on St. Petersburg Metro this week. Nowhere is safe anymore.

Did you know the British army has more horses than tanks now. And apparently they cost more to maintain. At least it’s reassuring that we are ready for a cavalry attack.

Political correctness gone mad. A 53 year old woman has been awarded £360,000 compensation for one instance of sexual harrassment. Now I’m totally against harrassment of any sort but as she was on £22k a year that is 16 years salary. It’s just too much.

Wallis Simpson who married King Edward Viii causing him him to abdicate from the throne was having an affair with a used car salesman. Disgraceful.

Finally a woman in Scotland has to pay £24,500 parking fees. Apparently it’s a record.

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