It’s Good Friday today and something like half the population of the UK eat fish today. I know its for a religious reason but I suspect most people like me cant remember why. Fish and chips make a fortune today.

The reason I  named my blog “beach thoughts” was that I walk my dog on the beach most days and it allows me to think. I also walk him in fields evening and night. About 2 and a half hours in total. It is obviously good for him but it is also hugely beneficial to me to. I got my dog when i retired from work and as I always liked walking thought it logical I might as well have a dog to walk with me. I have in previous blogs extolled the virtues in having a dog this time I,m praising the benefits of my walking. Walking is better than riding a bike , driving a car (I drove between 45-50 thousand miles a year before I retired), being on a boat,  or flying. The only thing that is similarly relaxing is a train journey. The beauty of walking is that on the beach for example every day is different. rocks are in different positions, the sand moves around and even if you walk at the same time everyday because the tide comes in at different times i don’t know what I’m going to see each day. You spot shells, unusual stones, debris from the sea . You need to look down or you will miss something interesting. Also the sea birds change from season to season. When I walk in the fields seasons again change the trees, flowers even the grasses and the crops in the fields. Also the weather is different every day. That is what I see. But while doing this I think about things. if I have problems I can generally come up with an answer as I’m not being interrupted in my thoughts. I also come up with ideas for short stories and poems. Obviously my dog wants his ball thrown or I meet people and chat but most of the time I’m alone with my thoughts. Ok, you probably found this boring and I probably come across as a loner. Well that is not me at all! I love people  and i’m in loads of clubs, watch sport and talk a lot!

Enough HUMOUR. Apparently the facial expressions on lego characters have become increasingly angry over the last 30 years!

People are more likely to co-operate with you if you give them something warm to hold!!!!!

33% of the bread produced in the uk is wasted, compared with 6% wine. No surprise there then!

I have just discovered after 64 years of doing it I have discovered I have been tying my laces wrongly. Mechanical engineers from the University of Berkeley have come up with the best way and it is totally different to mine. Well I’m certainly not changing now!

539 town hall bosses are paid more than the Prime Minister. Local authorities are all cutting services but the bosses have received 11% more in salaries and expenses. And they tell us we have a funding crisis.

Poem attached          FUN AT THE FAIR



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