Well, yet another election in the Uk. We have a local one next week to vote for a mayor. Then the biggy in June for who rules the country apart from the Queen that is. Firstly our local mayor , whose function I queried in the local paper last week. Apparently she (currently) runs everything. She is a bit like the President Of the US. She decides who is on the various committees of the local council. She seems to have the final say in all decisions. The mayor has taken over the various roles a leader of the council used to. Except there is a good salary , expenses,  a deputy and the council have just bought a new Jaguar for her to attend the various irrevalent  photo opportunities she attends. In other words another unecessary expensive tier of administation! So I don’t agree with the role but I think everyone should vote  so  I will vote for ALL candidates. In other words my voting paper will be spoilt which is my democratic right.

A drunk man drove at 70 mph in a 30 mph zone. But he wont lose his license  because he runs a company employing 6 men who would lose their jobs if he went to prison. What a joke!

Geoge Osborne our ex Chancellor of Exchequer will stand down as MP for Tatton at the next election. What a surprise, but it it is the least well paid of his several jobs. These people claim they become MP’s , not for the money but because they feel they can make a difference to peoples lives. What hypocrites they are!

Humour— Palm trees are a type of grass. Wouldnt like to mow that lawn!!!

Apparently fruit flies take their time over difficult decisions. BUt what the hell is a difficult decision for a fruit fly?

St. George is the patron saint of England, leprosy and syphilis. ??????

The Romans used powdered mouse brains as toothpaste.

Erdogan , the President of Turkey won the referendum to give him greater powers. He may have “fiddled” the results but as we know dictators are allowed to to do that.

Theresa May is hoping to follow his lead (without cheating) now that she has a 21% lead over Labour. Of course she states that lead is irrelevant even though she previously said she wasnt going to have an election. David Cameron had brought in a law for a  fixed term election every 5 years but she is changing that law. Whats the point of making laws if they can be changed when its expedient?

She has seized this opportunity to eliminate all the opposition, the Labour Party, House of Lords and people in her own party. All so she can do what she likes in the Brexit negotitions. Total self interest! Back to the days of Margaret Thatchers.  If you disagree  “off  with your head”

Im a life long Labour supporter but the Labour party cant win an election under Jeremy Corbyn.  He doesnt seem to get that the Conservatives have a hard core of supporters as have Labour but elections are won by convincing the voters in the middle. Left wing policies will not win the day. So we are likely to be doomed to 5 years, (until 2022) of the plastic Margaret Thatcher. Its a horrorifying prospect.

I can see the LIb Dems doing reasonably well with  their remain in the single European market policy. Dont forget 48% voted to remain!

In the last few years we have £4 million in foreign aid to North Korea. Whats that about?

Poem attached          IF



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