I attended a funeral recently of a 90 year neighbour who fell down stairs and broke his neck and other bones. He was a catholic and there was a service at his church then I attended his cremation. There was 15 people in attendance. Five relatives including his wife and the rest were friends and neighbours. He was a nice old man . Until recently he would walk to our local newsagents every morning and my dog Bruce and I would walk back to our street together. Bruce liked him because he and his wife always gave him treats. Now this man  originally came from Glasgow and he and his wife didn’t have any kids. Obviously a lot of his friends would have been a similar age to him and were probably dead. but I just thought it was so sad that  so few people were at the funeral of a pleasant and kind old gentleman. It made me think of the utter finality of death.

Laura Trott now Kenny received an award this week at Buckingham Palace. For services to the sport of cycling, her new husband receiving the same award. She said “all I do is ride a bike”. This girl has won 3 gold Olympic medals, several world championship medals and European golds. Her husband has 5 Olympic golds so far. This couple are just true sports and actually ride bikes quite well!

The typical Briton apparently is happy only eight times a week!

Humour Misspell is one of the most commonly misspelled words in the  English language!!!

In the Georgian language mama means “father” and deda means “mother”

The Inuit word “iktsuarpok” means ‘to keep going outside to see if anyone’s coming’

Last week a man made a 4 minute film of himself hanging his baby daughter. He posted it on Facebook and it took them 24 hours before they removed it. What sort of organisation is that?

Dame Vanessa Redgrave the 80 year actress is a former leader of the Trotskyist Workers Revolutionary Party and is an ardent supporter of the current Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. She flaunted her £31k diamond and gold watch in a recent magazine interview. She can obviously afford to be extreme left wing!!!

Boris Johnson the Conservative clown Foreign Minister can not even persuade his own sister Rachel to vote Conserative. She is hoping to stand as a Lib- dem candidate in the future.

Arkansas has managed to execute two of the eight men on death row before their supplies of lethal injection drug passes its sell by date. When it runs out in a weeks time they cannot replace it and may not be able to execute the other six. This is peoples lives we are talking about not sick animals. absolutely inhumane!

Poem attached                                                       THE END



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