I have always loved words. Written , spoken whatever medium they are delivered in. I went to my local library when I was 7 and remember my first book, not the title but know it was about a parrot. I read it that night and was hooked! I later read most of the classics interspersed with boys books and of course comics of all kinds. I love the way words are used, the order they come in to make a sentence. It is like a jigsaw the correct words have to be chosen to fit in and complete a picture. Whether it a newspaper article, a magazine article, a book , poetry, someone giving a lecture there is a right word that needs to be used. It has to be sought out, considered and chosen to collaborate with others to get the message across. Good writing takes time but it is worth it. I know it is old fashioned but I do feel spelling is important. There is very little excuse for getting it wrong as a dictionary should be at hand for any writer who cares about their work. Also virtually everybody  has a spell check readily available.

Ok that is the written word. I started off with the intention of being an accountant. I also love numbers,( useful for an accountant) but sitting at a desk all day with little communication with others was boring. Now I managed several years but then drifted somehow into sales. In my early days a company car and a expenses account were very attractive and I found I was naturally suited to it. My type of selling to larger companies demanded a constant contact with the same people. So I quickly found that bullshit doesnt work. Telling the truth, being honest and reliable did. The careful use of words in negotiations was just so important. Again chosing the right word mattered.

Youre probably a bit bored by this now so Im going to stop but it is something I intend to revisit in future blogs.

Leading on from that I have three words which have gone out of fashion but I still like:-

jeepers-An exclamation of surprise

guff- foolish talk, nonsense

vexed-irritated or annoyed.

HUMOUR-The record number of live goldfishswallowed at a single sitting is 210.

“At sparrows fart” is slang for very early in the morning!

385 million years ago fish actually had fingers!

In 1971 100 copies of the Bible were taken to the moon. Did they expect to leave them in hotel rooms I wonder.

A footballer in the Chinese league now earns £798k a week. I’m a football fan and I’ve never heard of him. He is Argentinian and his name is Ezequie Lavezzi. The next to are former players in the English Premier, Carlos Tevez, Argentinian £634k a week and Drogba who is an Ivorian earning £507k a week. The money they earn is incredible.

Oh, and Mario Balotelli receives a bonus of 1 million Euros if he is sent off less than 3 timees in a season.

POETRY attached                             WHO IS TO BE THE JUDGE




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