Well its nothing like a Friday cos its a Monday. An extremely wet one at that. Ive been off the air because Ive changed my broadband company which proved to be a lot more difficult than I anticipated. Communication companies (telecons, internet, broadbank etc) appear to be the worst at communicating when by their very nature they should be the best!. Anyway I’m back eventually.

Since I was last here there have been two more terrorist attacks, in Manchester and London. Are terrorists really as stupid as they seem to be. No matter what horrendous crimes the perpetrators commit the British will not give in to violence. Manchester was particularly bad as they had targetted a young audience out to enjoy themselves at a pop concert. How they believe they are doing it for Islam beats me. Did they really think  the indiscriminate killing of children and innocent people out to enjoy themselves. How do they know they are not killing Moslems anyway. In the latest London attack did they ask people what religion they were before they stabbed them. How did they know  Moslems weren’t uin the audience in Manchester. The only good thing is that they all the terrorists are dead. Are their families proud of them or are they they not bothered what the think. I believe that 99% of the Moslems in the Uk are peaceable  but those 99% must do more to try to stop these incidents happening. Two things the British mustn’t do is overreacr and have a Moslem backlash and secondly arm all our police force.

A Cambridge professor is claiming Jilly Cooper is as good a writer as Charles Dickens and that she is todays Jane Austen.  What a joke!

Babies born today are likely to live to 104. What sort of changes are they going to see in their lifetimes I wonder.

I hate to see people who are really good at what they do carry on regardless. Tiger Woods is an example. Once the best golfer in the world now in the news last week for being found  asleep in his car at three in the morning  with the engine running, in the middle of a highway. No alcohol in his blood but a cocktail of prescription drugs.  He needs to retire and disappear from the public eye. The same applies to Arsene Wenger the Arsenal manager. He has done a fantastic job over the last 20 years and has nothing to prove. But he wants to go on for another 2 years when his day is clearly done.

In another field where talented people go on too long is music and I do a bit about that next week.

HUMOUR 5% of cats are allegic to humans!

In 1849 the Viceroy of Egypt gave London Zoo a hippo in exchange for a greyhound. Wonder if the hippo won many races?

Vikings who died in bed rather than in battle went to a special afterlife where it was always foggy.

And so we will have our general election next week . The gap between Tories and Labour is quite close. It is likely now to be a lot closer than anyone forecast. Theresa May is quite cacable of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. She has run a campaign on her strong and stable leadership and the only other Tory politician used in the campaogn was her home secretary, Amanda Rudd. She thought the rest were so useless they were kept in a cupboard out of sight. Jeremy Corbyn came across much better than anyone anticipated, but again is backed up by 2nd raters, John McDonnell, shadow chancellor, Emily Thornberry, shadow foreign secretary, and the biggest joke of the whole campaign, Diane abbott, who is just a shadow!!!.

The rest, Lib-dem leader, Tim Farron, has been hopeless, Ukip just an irrelavance and the rest just made up the numbers.  The Scottish Labour party (SNP to you and me), Nicola Sturgeon is starting to tread water while the one who has probably impreesed the most is Ruth Davison, leader of the Scottish Tories.

And the result, the Tories by a short head , Labour and rest just behind meaning the Tories will have a smaller majority and Theresa May will be forced to resign. The new leader will be decided by putting names in a hat. And Brexit, negotiations willl go on and on until we all lose interest. All I can say is “Rule Britannia”

Poem attached, pretty rubbish I’m afraid                 GONE FISHING








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