Ok the election is over but it was so close we are likely to have another soon! I was up until 3 o’clock this morning and I’m shattered.

I will things up quickly, losers were Theresa May , found guilty of sheer arrogance. Thought because labour were nearly 20% behind in the polls she would win by a land slide. Wrong! UKIP voters did not all vote Tory this time , half voted Labour.  The people did not believe she was either strong and stable. She was the opposite and if she had any courage whatsoever she would think of the country rather than herself and resign. Guily as charged!

Nicola  Sturgeon, leader of SNP believes that losing a third of her seats is still actually a victory! Another referendum is now dead in the water.  She is also guilty of arrogance along with Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson, ex SNP MP’s!

Paul Nuttall. UKIP leader has already resigned, guilty of having little or no ability.

Successes,  Jeremy Corbyn , who nobody gave a prayer (including me) ran a brilliant campaign and invigorated young people to vote.

Ruth Davison, Scottish Tory leader who also ran an excellent campaign and saved the Tories from a worse result.

Tim Fallon, Lib-Dem leader who ran a terrible campaign, guilty of being extremely lucky and increasing their number of seats.

For those who actually read my blog my forecasts last week were pretty close to what happened. Apart from Theresa May resigning which wont be long coming.

So election over , for now, the television might actually have proper programmes again.

English Heritage want people to vote on the best inventions of all time. Candidates are, Teabags, The wheel, The fridge, sewers, The plough, Penicillin, The internet, Armour, light bulbs and the clock. Personally I’m torn betwween tea bags and the wheel!

THe top uni’s in the world are now all American, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford, Harvard and the California Institute of Technology. Then Engish Uni’s ,Cambridge, Oxford and University college and Imperial college both London.

HUMOUR More than 80,000 bartenders in the USA have university degrees.

a survey in 1943 found that the top tip for a successful marriage was actually “liking” your partner.

Winston Churchill was a druid and Jimi Hendrix was a paratrooper.

Madonnawas sacked from dunkin donuts for squirting customers with jam.

Apparently Donald Trump doesn’t tell lies. Well thats the first one!

George Clooney and his wife named their new-born twins Ella and Alexander. For once celebrities have given their kids proper names. Very sensible!

A  pensioner in England stopped people from speeding in her village by aiming a hair dryer at their car. They slowed down immediately as they thought it was a speeding device.

Diane Abbott, the Labour shadow home secretary stepped down with three days to go in the elction campaign. Apparently she was ill. Is that another word for incompetent?

Last week there was the first shark attack in British waters by a 3ft smooth hound shark. It attacked a surfer and he hurt his hand by punching it. His wife didnt believe him and thought he was just making an excuse for being late.

Poem Attached         THE TARN



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