Firstly the absolutely sensational news that broccoli has been voted the most popular vegetable in Btitain. That does surprise me. Although I have heard that parents have sold it to their small children as miniture trees making it somehow more attractive. I remember my son didnt like brussel sprouts but did like cabbage so I told him brussel sprouts were only miniture cabbages which did the trick.

Second in the poll was sweetcorn and third tomato. Cacrrot was only fifth most popular and cauliflower down at eighth. Surprising results I thought.

That leads me onto the fact that 80% of British people dont eat the recommended 5 veg a day. Only 18% do. Im a type 2 diabetic and I must eat at least a dozen fruit and veg a day. No wonder obesity is getting all the time in this country.

And now a gripe , Thames Water is a company owned by an Australiancompany, a Kuwati co., Abu Dhabi, Canadian and Chinese company. So it must be a worthwhile investment borne out by paying out dividends of £100million pounds this year. Apparently it hasnt paid any tax since 2006 although it has been fined £29m for leaking pipes. So it profitable , why is iot not British owned ofr even in the public sector. How can foreign companies control our water supplies for the capital city?

Now it is time to mention our latest disaster, the third in a short time for London. The reason it burnt so quickly , spread so quickly needs to be found out as quickly as possible. there are 4000 similar multi stories in this country . How are the tenants going to feel knowing they could also be living in a death trap. Something has gone wrong, the people responsible need to be brought to justice whatever level they are at . In the meantime the poor people who died, who were trapped and missing and all the friends and relatives involved deserve enormous sympathy. The ordinary people who have contibuted clothes, food , all sorts of things and the police and firemen were magnificent. Politicians and civil servants have yet to do so. This should never have happened in the 5th richest country in the world! The victims need and deserve answer.

I cant remember if I have told you that I live in one of the most beautiful counties in England, Northumberland. It is the most Northerly English county and borders Scotland. It is the least populated and and has a magnificent coastline of beaches. They are not for lying on , they are for bracing walks and dogwalking. They are cold even in summer. We have the highest number of ancient castles , ruined and some still in use. On the border with Scotland is the Cheviot Hills, a wild and desolate range of hills. In the South is the river Tyne and the mainly unspoiled Hadrians Wall built by the Romans nearly 2000 years ago. The hinterland of Nothumberland is mainly moors but contains the largest man made lake in Europe, Keilder water. In that area , one of the darkest places in Europe is Keider Observatory. We are a sanctuary for the red squirrel, one of the last in England. And the jewel in the crown is the city of Newcastle-upon- Tyne. A city of beautiful architecture, the regional home of art, music and culture, restaurants supplyng food from all over the world. A popular University city with a vibrant nightlife.

Poem attached.                             TRY AGAIN


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