The UK is now vying for “Worst leader in the Western world” I thought the Trump was bad but he has now got a female challenger, The May (or May not). BOth are extremely arrogant , blame anybody who doesn’t agree with them and come across as diffident, awkward insincere people. They are both unable to communicate with ordinary people.Trump still has a lot of power but Theresa May has virtually none left. Time after time she has made mistakes and says she has learnt from . It is obvious she hasn’t. she now has little or no negotiating power in Europe as they nknow she is a lame duck.

Of her fellow Government “friends” she now has the following contenders for her job. “Spread sheet” Phillip Hammond the Comedic Chancellor of Chequer she was going to sack when she got her 100 seat majority( whose job was going to Amanda Rudd.) Amanda Rudd who is lining up a so called dream ticket  with the self styled most intelligent mouse-man in the government (or is it the world) Michael Gove. More like a nightmare ticket!!!!. The colourless David Davis, our Brexit minister who couldn’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag is another potential leader as is our favourite clown, Boris Johnson Who who adopted the”Theresa May tactic” of sitting on the fence. What choices! Probably the best way of selecting the new leader who be to put all the names in a hat!

Madonna now 58, has a new toy-boy , Aloubar Soumaho, a model. He is in his 20’s I think. Any younger and they will be boys. Wonder what her daughter Loudres, now 20 thinks. I suppose Madonna uses them for sex and they get to be a bit famous for a while. sad really.

Apparently its been the hottest for 40 years in England this week. In England they mean London or the Southern counties , the rest of the country doesnt really count but we sometimes get weather too.

Apparently Amazon now lets you try on a dress before you buy. That’s what I’ve been waiting to hear for ages!!!!!!!!!

Some Barclays bankers are being investigated over breaking financial rules during the banking crisis . It only 10 years ago now.

HUMOUR—- The average London pigeon has 1.6 feet.

90% of the world lives in the Northern hemisphere. Probably because it’s 1.5degrees C warmer thgan the Southern hemisphere.

Scatomancy is telling the future by looking at turds. I might be good at that as I’m picking up dog turds all day!

INTERESTING OLD WORDS—— Poppycock meaning nonsense

Cahoots meaning partnership or in league in something suspicious.

Collywobbles meaning pain in the stomachor extreme nerves or apprehension.

A £900 million contract has been given to the  Derby factory of Bombardier to build 750 railway carriages for British rail. The last contract for over a £1million went to to a German company , Siemens. The only catch , Bombardier are a Canadian company.

53% of British sheds have wi-fi. The shed is a a very British thing and I believe any person who retires and has a garden should be given a shed when they retire! A man needs somewhere to hide away from the house when he gets older!

Poem attached                                          I’M BEGINNING TO THINK IT’S ME





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