I,ve been away for three weeks and I hope you feel you’ve missed me. I suspect not! Well I’ve been away on holiday and i wiil come to that later.

It’s been a very stange year for me so far. I went to Vietnam in January and came back with food poisoning and a severe chest infection. I dont blame Vietnam for the food poisoning, just bad luck. Vietnam was stunningly beautiful with great food but what struck me most was how the Vietnamese dont appear to be bitter the way the rest of the world has treated them. They were invaded  several times over the last 150 years and have suffered appalling at the hands of these often cruel ntions. Yet they dont look back and are just getting on with their lives as best they can. They are an example to the world.

I recovered from the food poisoning within a few weeks but my chest infection lingered on for some time. I received one lot of antibiotics which helped marginally then another lot in April which again did not cure the problem. Then I finally had steroids which seemed to have done the trick. But after having an xray and a scan I,m awaiting results to see if  to find out if something lasting has occurred. Because I now feel really well and got through two quite energetic holidays Im not worried. But what will be will be anyway! But yesterday was not a particlarly good day as it was 18 years to the day that I lost my son who was only 18 in an accident. Anyone who has lost a child will understand the guilt and the lasting effect it has on the rest of your life. The hurt reduces over the passage of time but it never actually goes away. But life goes on because it has to . There is no choice.

And so to my holiday. Firstly a week in London doing all the touristy things. Some I did almost 50 years ago and others I have never done at all. A bit ironic really as I have visited a lot of major cities and seen their sights. So in London I climbed to the very top of St. Paul’s Cathedral (all 526 steps), Westminister Abbey, The Houses of Parliament, The Tate Modern, The National, The National Portrait (all Art Galleries) and several museums. Plus other visits too. And then I did a tour of Scandanavia, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. I visited Copenhagen, Odense and Fredrikshavn in Denmark, Then ferry to , Gothenburg, And on to Oslo,, Bergen, Telemark and Lillehammer in Norway and Karlstadt and finally Stockholm. It was a stunning trip and my favourite bits were Bergen and Stockholm cities and the stunning beauty of Norway.

But and this is the thing I really got out of it was the people on the tour. They were from all over the world. New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, USA , India and the UK. They were all walks of life but we all got on. Oh, and the tour guide was Rumanian and the driver was from Lithuania. We all agreed that the biggest problem worldwide is our political and regious leaders. The ordinary people tend to want peace and freedom but it is the leaders, often for their own ends that cause the unnecessary problems supposedly on our behalfs!

Humour Rats can feel regret and Goats cant cry. Also if you tickle a rat every day it’ll start laughing as soon as it sees you.

For some reason hurricanes with female names are deadlier than those with male names.

J R R Tolkein was rejected for a Nobel prize in Literature on the grounds of “poor story telling.”

Finally the only politics you will get from me on my return is that Trump doesnt seem to have achieved anything worthwile yet (what a surprise) and Theresa May is as much use as a chocolate firegrate waiting for the fire to be lit.

Poem attached  EVIL INTENT


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