Since I retired , now 6 years ago, I have done quite a lot of travelling. I love going to new destinations rather than going to the same place again. I found in the past if you visit once a second visit is just not as exciting. I will immediately contradict myself because I have just spent a week in London doing all the touristy things. However I hadn’t done a similar visit for something like 40 years so Im going to excuse myself. I like cities with history in particular and have never been one to lie on beaches. When my children were young however I did do that sort of holiday but then it was a case of if the children were happy I was happy. The only trouble about visitng historical cities is that they are invariably full of other tourists. I hate being considered a tourist and try to not only do the normal sites but also the more obscure less visited places. I try to look at my map in the hotel before I go out but then I will walk without a map and it is amazing the things you accidentally come upon. I also try to meet locals and eat and drink where they do. I always do some research and ask questions to find out first hand what the local people think about their city and country. It is interesting to note most ordinary people feel the same way about their leaders and governments. I feel the leaders dont understand the thoughts of the ordiary citizen in most of the places I have visited. This is probably because full time politicians, bankers, academics, business leaders have never experienced how the ordinary working man lives.  My latest trip to Scandavia showed me the same. As I said last week I was in a varied group from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, India and different parts of the UK. We all got on very well and our opinons of world affairs was hugely similar.

HUMOUR  385 million years ago , fish did have fingers!

Apples, strawberries, plums and almonds are all types of rose!

4 million years ago , rats in South America were the size of hippos. Bearing in mind that scientists claim we are never more than 6ft away from a rat it would have been pretty to have been around then!

The richest man in the world is Bill Gates of Microsoft. He is worth £69 billion but has given half of it away so he is down to his last £34.5 billion. This week Jeff Bezos of Amazon overtook him as the richest man but then dropped back again because his company shares fell. He has given a mere £78 million away. These figures are obscene.

Also the wife of John Terry, the ex England and Chelsea footballer lost £219k in jewelry and £126k in handbags including one worth £42k in a robbery. Is this not also obscene.

Im a Type 2 diabetic so I was pleased to read this week that drinking wine , red in particular cuts the danger of diabetes. Gin and vodka which I dont drink double the risk.

As those of you who have read my blog before will know that “Beach Thoughts : An old dog and his bloke” come from me walking my labrador Bruce on the beach everyday. Attached is a photo of said dog. Also attached is what I hope you think is a humorous poem      TEDDIES ARE FOREVER



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